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Banner Design For Website

Banners are the most popular way of advertising on the Internet for a long time now. They are very attractive ads in a form of static picture or animation, that has a task to intrigue a visitor and serve as additional links towards your website.

Banner can also be seen as an advertising space, which is a part of a web page, inside which advertiser can publish any kind of content. Banner dimensions can be chosen from standard measurements (120 x 60, 160 x 60, 180 x 150, 400 x 240, 250 x 250, 336 x 280, 468 x 60) or it can be made in some specific dimensions depending from measures of a commercial space.

A purpose of banners

Advertising on the Internet using banners is safe way to increase sale. It can be used for more purposes like:

  • Increasing the sale of products or services, profit
  • Informing consumers about new products/services or special offers
  • Branding (making people memorize the name of your company)

Types of banners

There are two basic types of advertising banners:

  • Static banners (usually JPG or GIF extension)
  • Animated banners (GIF or FLASH)

Designing banners in all dimensions, for all purposes and using different technologies. Making flash banners is very popular in the world and here with us. A good banner can attract a visitor and increase the number of visits to your website. A design of the banner has a big role in presenting your business.

We create banners in different extensions, like gif, jpg, swf, etc. If you are planning to have a campaign in order to increase number of visits and having a banner design done, Rack Soft Design is the right place for you.