7 Facebook Video Tips To Help You Increase your Facebook Video View

  7 Facebook Video Tips To Help You Increase your Facebook Video View


1. Post regularly when your audience is active

If you know when your target audience wants to see your content on social media, you can increase organic reach without putting in much effort.
You can get better audience engagement if your audience is active. There’s no need to invest in analytical tools to understand the best time to post. If you run a Facebook page, you can use its analytics to see when your audience is online.Having interesting and useful content to post on Facebook isn’t enough to increase users’ engagement. To get more likes, shares, and comments, you need to know the best time for your audience to publish posts.

2. Develop a highly targeted audience

Surprisingly, having too many followers can hurt your visibility on Facebook. The platform rewards meaningful activity, so popularity without engagement is useless. The bigger your audience, the harder it is to keep engagement levels high.
Facebook algorithms see your posts as spam if you get a lot of views, but few clicks. It’s more effective to target a manageable audience of people who regularly engage with your content.
Start by checking out your current followers and how they interact with your content. Look for trends among their interests and demographics to build a brand persona.
Use the Audience Optimization tool to find preferred and lookalike audiences who are likely to respond well to your content. That way, you have a better chance of gaining comments, likes, and shares on each post. Friends of your preferred audience may also see content, which boosts your organic reach.

3. Create evergreen facebook posts

As you probably know, the most successful entrepreneurs work smarter, not harder. The same applies to creating content that consistently draws Facebook users to your page. Evergreen content is invaluable because you can keep repurposing it to save time and resources.
On the Insights tab, you can export detailed data about post and page views. Use this feature to find out which types of content have longer lifespans, such as memes, how-tos, lists, and recipes. Try reframing posts with a new headline, caption, or visuals to reintroduce content users already love. Release evergreen posts at different times of day to reach more users.

4. Choose a good thumbnail.

If you allow YouTube to automatically choose your thumbnail, it probably won’t be very interesting. Use your computer’s screenshot feature to capture an image from your video that is emotionally compelling, and upload it in your video settings.


5. Make your title short and interesting.

Your video title should not necessarily describe your video in a way that makes sense to your administration. Make your title viewer-centric, and think about what would make you want to click on a video. (Upworthy headlines are a good source of inspiration.) And try to keep it brief – a shorter title that doesn’t get cut off is better for click-throughs. Here are a few good title examples from YouTube star PewDiePie for Charity Water and the Sierra Club.

6. Use boosting for precise goals

Boosted posts are a paid option for getting views. Since boosting requires a fee, it’s wise to reserve this tactic for specific goals. Let’s say you’re promoting an event, product, sale, or download.
Boosting a post can expose your content to the minimum number of users during the promotion period. You can tailor the campaign for engagement or website visits and choose a duration.
The Boost Post option is listed beneath each post. The feature is useful for engaging with highly relevant audiences. You can choose targeted demographics or people who like your pages and their friends. The cost of boosting increases with your audience size, so promote the post organically first to maximize your investment.

7. Start or join a members-only Facebook group

Similar to a business’s organic reach, open groups can get watered down. Facebook marketing is about getting highly engaged people sharing in supportive, loyal communities.
With this in mind, stick to active groups with clear content themes, activity schedules, and posting rules. These groups are more likely to yield strong referrals and opportunities to share your expertise.