7 Ways To Get More Likes on Facebook Page

 7 Ways To Get More Likes on Facebook Page

1. Use Facebook Insights

Researching your current audience, your reach and your posts become very easy with Facebook’s Insight feature.
This option provides you a clear perspective on what type of audience you are popular with and which kinds of posts are getting more attention. These data offered in the Facebook Insights enable you to streamline your future efforts and investments to bear positive returns i.e. getting more Likes.
When you cut down your mistakes and amplify your strength, you can easily be on your way to growing your popularity. Knowing behavioral patterns of your audiences is very effective practice to learn How to get likes on Facebook.

2. Know your Facebook Influencers and use them

Facebook Influencers are like celebrities. In today’s time, using individuals who have a great following on Fb to promote your brand is one of the most effective ways to master How to get likes on Facebook.
Influencers generally share with their fan-base some interesting information and in turn enjoy a huge following. If you make it a point to follow some of these Facebook Influencers, you will find yourself to always be on top of your game regarding what is in trend.
In this way, you can take advantage of these influencers to get connected to a wider audience for your Facebook page. Check the influencers in your industry, and ask them to promote your page in exchange for some money or other favor. Instagram influencers can also be very powerful in promoting your Facebook page.

3. Know the Right Timing

Doing the right thing at the right time always presents its rewards.
The same is true when it comes to posting on Facebook and mastering how to get likes on Facebook. If you want your posts to be visible more, you should always select timings when people are most likely to look at them. These timings are most often when people are in transit or have come back from work.
Being consistent in posting is a sure way to get noticed in any platform and Facebook is no different on this. When you are consistent with the type and the time of your postings, people get an idea on what they can expect from your page. Another point, which helps with the popularity, is posting content as per the most suitable times of your audiences.
Now, the right time depends on who your audiences are.
With some research, you can easily find the optimum time but in general, on weekdays the right time is around 12 to 3 pm and on weekends around 12 to 1 am. Some of the other ‘How to get likes on Facebook Guides’ suggest posting your content at noon or past 7 in the evening.

4. Use your Friends and Followers

Your existing friends and followers can act as great marketing agents for your business page.
If your friends and followers are enjoying your Facebook page activities, you can ask them to Like or share the same with others, so others can enjoy your content too. This way of networking will easily widen the reach of your Facebook page. And, if you are creating the quality content that is offering value to page viewers, you will for sure start getting more likes on your Fb page.
Marketers or page owners who always search for How to get likes on Facebook just after creating their Fb page can easily increase likes on their page by following this tip.
Using your friends and followers is very effective to way to promote your page to other people.
All you have to do is ask them to be more active on your page. Direct referrals are another great way that promotes a Facebook page. Being an expert in using your friends and followers will you excel the techniques of How to get likes on Facebook.

5. Understand and use Facebook Algorithm to your benefits

Understanding the algorithm of any platform empowers you to implement marketing strategies that really work.
Since Facebook is a social networking site, it is a given that it prioritizes content that seems entertaining and enjoyable to people. Facebook increases the visibility of those posts that are of good quality and are not too promotional.
Therefore, to feature in the news feeds of more people, you have to invest your time and efforts in making your content valuable. There is no shortcut to it. Don’t try to spam your posts in a bid to reach the top stories because the Facebook algorithm recognizes that.
Again, making use of the live video feature on Facebook is another great way to increase your reach, as Facebook automatically showcases in the news feed of your audiences that you are live.

6. Create a Page that your Audiences can Easily Find

As said earlier, when you want to create a Facebook page for your business, it’s always advisable to go with the name of your business without additional keywords.
Why do we say that? Well, first it makes your Facebook page appear more legitimate and second it becomes easier for your followers or audience to find you. This way, you can add Facebook Follow, Share and Like button on your Blog or Site that will ultimately let your audiences land on your Facebook page.
You can also embed any of your Facebook posts on your blog or website to increase the reach and likes of your Facebook page.
You can also promote your Facebook page on other social media platforms such as Twitter or LinkedIn and get more likes on your Facebook page. Having a consistent name everywhere will also help you get more likes from your existing contacts, friends, followers, and employees. You can also promote your Facebook page in real life by adding your FB page address on your cards, brochure or banner, and your audiences will find you.

7. Post relevant & interactive Content Consistently

Yes, Facebook does host 2 billion users but still, it’s not easy to grab the attention of your target audience because there are many who are trying to do the same. In this tough competition to secure ‘Likes’ and engagement on your posts, you have to offer value to the audience that they are going to love.
When you look for different tips on how to get likes on Facebook, this is the most constructive and productive way to do this. You will automatically get more likes when you post relevant content on your Facebook Page that relates to your audience and also conveys your brand message.
Another proven way which results in achieving greater ‘Likes’ is through posting content which is interactive in nature. Few things you can follow while creating relevant content for your Facebook page is-

– Include compelling visuals
– Write great headlines
– Don’t be too promotional
– Give followers what they want
– Invest in video