8 Quick And Easy Ways To Increase Your Spotify Plays

8 Quick And Easy Ways To Increase Your Spotify Plays

1. Find Your Way Into the Spotify Generated Playlists.

Spotify has a segment called ‘Discover’ which features new music. You can even find it labeled under several genres including pop, RnB, Country music, Daily top hits, among others. If you are featured in any of these playlists, it’s almost like you have hit the jackpot because you will automatically have more listeners and followers of your music.

2. Make the Most of Your Social Media.

Direct your existing fan base on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and your email database to drive traffic to your music on Spotify. There are also several groups on Facebook where people share their own music and offer feedback to others. You can also use your Soundcloud to drive traffic directly to Spotify.

Running several social media profiles can seem like a daunting task but there are several online tools you can use to schedule social media content in advance and grow your accounts with minimal effort.

3. Use an Album Cover that Stands Out.

Social media is very reflective of visual media. Every image that represents your music should look professional. That mean no grainy selfies. This is not amateur hour.  It’s a clear fact that you are judged by every piece of media that you put on the internet to represent your music brand. If the image is horrible, no one will take you seriously.  Many musicians still don’t understand that it’s not the music that initially hooks an audience. It’s actually a high-quality image design that grabs their attention. The music simply won’t ever get played if the image doesn’t wow your audience.  Industry pros like Apple, Rhapsody, Amazon, Spotify etc. do not favor those with low-quality products. Hence, you need o to upgrade your game to get a decent response. After all, as a new artist.

4. Make Use of Scannable Spotify Codes.

Spotify has recently launched a big new feature, ‘Spotify Codes’. If you have used Snapchat you will already be familiar with how this works.

In brief, you can now share scannable, QR-type, codes which link to tracks or playlists on Spotify. To find the code for a track or Spotify playlist start by opening it on the Spotify mobile app. Tap the menu icon (top right of the screen) and you will see the code appear.

5. Collaborate with Your Record Label.

This simply means that if a well-established brand or entity will recommend you or your work, it’s definitely going to attract more eyeballs and ears. Hence, it’s recommended to get featured by the platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Beatport etc.

6. Write a Blog About It.

If you are a blog writer or you know one, it would be good if you did a social media post to talk about your song, the inspiration behind it, and any future plans you have. Then you can share this on your social media platforms for your followers. You can also request your followers to share with their followers.

7. Add a “Follow” Button On Your Website.

If you have a blog or any page on other social media, place the Follow button widget so that it easy for visitors to follow you on Spotify with a click of a button. You can also embed a playlist to your website next to your follow button, too!

If you don’t have a blog or any social media page to promote your music, I would recommend you to ask for help from the professional who is an expert on delivering real followers from all around the world.

8. Create an Online Networking.

Present your best attempt and create a niche for your brand. Any genre has a defined target audience and to reach the right ones, you need to pick the most suitable look that can lead to the desired exposure. So many user-driven blogs are there, which are solely dependent upon emails from the artists or record labels in order to maintain their brand by updating with the latest music. You as an artist have to create an email list and contact them to engage and build a genuine connection with every small blog you come in contact with and don’t forget to not spam any of them.