A Guide to Grow Your Followers on Your LinkedIn Company Page

A Guide to Grow Your Followers on Your LinkedIn Company Page


LinkedIn is the largest business network in the world that connects professionals from nearly 200 countries to increase their productivity and help them reach success. Two new members join LinkedIn every second. In spite of its rapid development, most LinkedIn users don’t realize its power and therefore miss an opportunity to grow their brand and business faster.

Create an Amazing LinkedIn Profile Picture

Having a beautifully structured profile is very important. Start with a profile picture with a lovely background image. Try not to include selfie pictures or vacation pictures as nobody is going to take you seriously. A professional picture can bring you a long way on LinkedIn or any social network for that matter.


Add LinkedIn “Follow” Button to Your Website

Adding A LinkedIn “Follow” button on your website and blog will make it easy for people to follow you on LinkedIn. Preferably add this follow button at the footer of your website which will repeat all the pages of your website. Not recommended to add at the top of the page script as it will effect loading speed.

Add Company News Regularly

LinkedIn recommends producing about 20 posts per month to be able to reach nearly 60 percent of your readership. So put a reminder to share updates daily or at least every other day. How about the perfect time to post? Some believe that news posted in the morning usually get the highest chance of reaching the largest possible audience, while others are sure that there is no best time to share news on LinkedIn and advise to experiment to find out what works best for you.

Promote Your Page on Other Social Media Channels

Remember to share your company page on TwitterInstagramFacebook, etc. You need to tell people that the content you are providing on your LinkedIn company page is a bit different to the other channels otherwise why would they follow. Is your content on your LinkedIn company page any different to your Twitter & Facebook content? It should be. Please do not just circulate the same content to all of your platforms. LinkedIn is a little more “professional”, so perhaps gear the content around the latest news and trends in your industry.

Join LinkedIn Groups or Create Your Own

LinkedIn groups are a great way to share your company’s content with a wider audience. Posting to LinkedIn Groups is easy. Simply click the share button on your content and select post to groups. See screenshot below. Many group members elect to have updates sent directly to their inbox; this is a fantastic way to get exposure and boost the number of followers for your company.

Follow your competitors

Get insight into what the competition is up to and how they are interacting with their followers. Make sure to like and comment on their content since their networks will see this activity (and, thus, your business’ name). You may even go further by following some of their customers and partners — you never know where a new business relationship might start!

Consistently build your LinkedIn network

You need to consistently build your LinkedIn network with your in-person relationships. Be sure to connect with your co-workers, clients, networking partners, and friends as well as the prospects you speak with every day. Each time you post on LinkedIn, your connections and followers will receive a notification in LinkedIn with the title of your new post. The bigger your qualified network is, the more views and readership you will have.