Supercharge Your Instagram Followers With these Simple Tactics

Supercharge Your Instagram Followers With these Simple Tactics


Social media? At this point, it’s become completely natural. In a way, growing your social media following can be as simple as doing the things you do every day anyway. It can be as basic as going out to a fun event, taking an appropriate selfie, posting it online, and then chatting with your friends about it. Instagram specifically is a great outlet for growing your brand, as it seems that many businesses are more visible on Instagram these days than other social media outlets. In order to increase Instagram followers, the main thing you have to do is be visible while providing value to your viewers.

And that value can come in many different forms.

If you make use of all the resources available to you through Instagram, it will reflect in the number of followers you have and in your online rankings. Following are some tactics to increase Instagram followers that will help to ensure that search engines and your prospects not only see you as a trusted resource in your field but also as a genuine, approachable business.

1. Have Fun With Videos

Videos are becoming more popular online, but keep the length of your videos to a minimum to avoid losing viewers. When created using smart digital marketing strategies, a 30-second video on Instagram should be more than enough to grab users’ attention while getting your point across concisely.

If you work in the automobile industry, for example, your Instagram video can be as simple as a 10-second clip from a metro Detroit area car cruise that you attended just for fun

2. Be Real

People who follow you on Instagram want more than just what they see in a television commercial or on a sign on your building. You need to be personable, and you should kindly and maturely respond to their comments without getting into anything too controversial. That way, your followers will feel like they have a connection with you.

Your interaction can be as simple and fun as, “Glad you enjoyed your dessert. We love that ice cream flavor too!”

3. Be Original

People want to get something out of following you, even if it’s just amusement. They don’t want routine, systematic, unenthusiastic posts. Come up with some original ideas, and share them in fun ways. Stand out in order to increase and keep Instagram followers.

4. Like and Comment on other people’s pictures 

Another Big secret to getting more Instagram followers is to like and comment on other people’s pictures. Instagram users tend to follow people who are the most engaged. So the more you engage with other user’s content, the more followers you’ll get. Plus, when you engage with other user’s content, a clickable link redirecting to your profile will be displayed next to the post for everyone to see. The key is engaging on content that is popular and of interest to your target audience. For example, should you be a nutritionist, wanting to build a following of people interested in improving their nutrition, type in the search box “nutrition” to find relevant and popular content to engage with.

5. Promotions and Giveaways

With 41 percent of Instagrammers saying they follow a brand because of promotions, perks, and giveaways, you can’t afford to leave this option out. Here’s how to organize a simple contest for your followers:

1– Decide which one of your items you want to give away, it should preferably be one of your best selling products, a small collection of related products, or a significant gift card they can use to buy something from your store

2– Post an image of the prize and add the process of entering, how long it’ll run for and how they’ll win, in the caption. The easiest way to enter an Instagram contest, according to 33% of Instagrammers, is to post an official hashtag.

3–  Make sure to remind your followers of the contest a few days later by posting it again.

4– After the time is up, pick a winner, post the announcement and congratulate them.

6. Use Paid Services

If you’re trying to build a personal brand or business page, then buying Instagram followers is kinda acceptable (to get started.)

The thing is, with building a brand, your follower count is social proof. If you’re an upcoming blogger or you just launched a Shopify store and you only have 70 followers, no person is going to take you seriously. People who see you won’t want to follow you because to them you’re a nobody— and why are nobodies valuable? If you have a shop and you only have 70 followers, people aren’t going to want to buy from you. They’re going to think you’re a scam or they’re going to think that no one likes your brand— making your brand seem less desirable.

Obviously, growing a following organically is the best way to go, but when starting out that social proof can mean a lot. People are more likely to follow someone with lots of followers than someone with 70. People with 70 followers seem like ordinary people— so, following them doesn’t seem worth their investment.

The quickest way to do this is to Buy Real Instagram Followers and use a good service provider.