LinkedIn Marketing:- Pro Tips To Grow Your LinkedIn Connection in 2019

LinkedIn Marketing:- Pro Tips To Grow Your LinkedIn Connection in 2019


Unlike Facebook business pages, there are limited ways to gain exposure to your LinkedIn Company Page.  With Facebook, your business page has a voice of its own.  A Facebook page can venture outside of its own network to communicate with other pages, but LinkedIn is very much a stand-alone platform.  So how do you gain more followers on your LinkedIn page?  How do people find your page so that they can follow you? 

Here are some inspiring ideas to gain more traction to your LinkedIn page.

#1 – Ask Employees to Add Your Business to Their Profile

Take a look at your company page and see how many employees you have.  Those that are associated with your business will be highlighted here, but you may find that a few may not be (especially if it is a new page).  Ask your employees to edit their employment history and tag on your company page.  When employees update their profile to say that they are working for you (or freelancing) they will automatically follow the page.

#2 – Share native videos to your company page

‌According to LinkedIn, followers who engage with videos on LinkedIn take twice as many “amplification actions” (shares, comments, etc.) as they do on non-video posts.  Try to share a minimum of one video a week.  Videos shared should be native videos and not YouTube links.

#3 –  Promote your page on other social media channels

Remember to share your company page on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.  You need to tell people that the content you are providing on your LinkedIn company page is a bit different to the other channels otherwise why would they follow.  Is your content on your LinkedIn company page any different to your Twitter & Facebook content?  It should be.  Please do not just circulate the same content to all of your platforms.  LinkedIn is a little more “professional”, so perhaps gear the content around the latest news and trends in your industry.

#4 – Add the link to your website

I have just finished conducting a health check for a client and found that the link on their website for their LinkedIn page went to an “error” page.  I urge you to check your social media links on your website to make sure that they do go to the right place.  Many links tend to be directed to a personal profile rather than a company page, so checking is essential.

#5 – Add the link to your email signature

If you want exposure to your company page then considering adding the link as part of your email signature.  With the latest integration tools with Microsoft Office 365, this is relatively easy to do.  (We are Mac users, so we simply add a hyperlink to our signatures).

#6 – Optimize the first 156 characters of your About Us area

When looking at a company page, many people rarely click “see more”, therefore it is important to grab the attention of your audience in the first sentence of your about us area.   Addressing the needs of the potential follower (your potential customer) is essential, as is writing in a customer-focused language.

#7 – Make a great company page.

First impression matters. Start by making sure your company page is complete as it is the highlight of your LinkedIn presence. Grab people’s attention by adding good visuals, informative description and explain your key offerings. Always make sure your company profile is completely filled out with relevant keywords so that it will not be left out when people search for those keywords on LinkedIn. 

#8 – Give Your Profile a Paid Boost

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