Best Ways To Get More Likes on Facebook Post

Best Ways To Get More Likes on Facebook Post


1. Invite Your Friends

Once your new Facebook page is looking great, add a little personality to your timeline by sharing a few posts before inviting your friends – while trawling through profile pictures might be the go-to destination once a new friend request has been accepted, when following a new business or brand, content on your page gives your new fans something to read and a flavour of what to expect from you in the future.
This was our first ever post to Facebook in March 2013, a link to an article on Travel Weekly.
Now that there’s something for fans to see on your page, you can start inviting them to like your page. If you page is for a company, it’s a good idea to invite all staff members to like your page. Facebook makes it really easy to do this with the handy ‘invite your friends’ box on the left. If you’re a small business, it’s absolutely fine to invite your friends and relatives (and even your mum!) to like your page.

2. Add social buttons to your website

You can promote your Facebook page to visitors of your website though widgets or custom social media buttons. Facebook provides a wide range of plugins that you can add to your home page, blog, or any relevant pages on your website. We’d recommend the ‘Like Button’ or creating a custom social media bar like ours.

3 . Tag and Engage

Within your posts, try tagging other people, pages and Facebook communities. These pages will get direct notifications and are a great way to reach out to other users on Facebook. The Insights section of Facebook can track likes and comments from not only your posts on your page, but also from shares. Here is a post from our page that saw more engagement from shares than on our Facebook page:
If we were to just look at the likes from our timeline (16) then we might be a little underwhelmed. But by tapping into Facebook’s Insights, we can see that the post was shared and gained a further 81 likes, and 27 comments from the 3 additional shares, reaching a total of 1,167 Facebook users; that’s 10 x more than our current followers and also earned us 2 new organic likes. In short, it pays to post ‘fun’ content that people will want to share!

4. Know your audience.

This is pretty straight forward and in reality common sense, marketing 101! Know who you are targeting and why. The more you know and understand your community the better. Leverage Google analytics if you already have a blog to see what content is most popular. Check out the Facebook Insights on your Facebook page weekly at minimum. Don't just read the reports. Understand the data and how you can use it to better connect and engage your audience.

5. You have one chance to make a first impression.

Do not launch your Facebook page and announce to large numbers of people until it's ready. It's best to wait until you have at least a plan and a foundation for which to build a community. If you invite everyone you know and you have no plan ready to execute for engagement and community building then it's a wasted opportunity.

6. Cross Promote Your Facebook Page on Other Social Networks

Have an Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or other social media account for your hotel as well? Every so often post a Call-to-Action to like your Facebook page as well. This will help others stay connected with you in more than one place and with people spending over 20 minutes a day on Facebook typically they will be more likely to see your updates.

7. Make it fun!

Bottom line, people want to be inspired. They want to be entertained. They want to be educated. Give them something they will remember. Don't consistently post boring business links with no commentary or boring business speak commentary. Throw a dash of personality in and content that is out of the box.