The Complete Guide and Tricks to Increase Youtube Video Views

The Complete Guide and Tricks to Increase Youtube Video Views


As a YouTuber, you try a lot of things to improve your video views and rankings. Some of you might already know these tips that we are going to share in this article. Anyone who has a YouTube channel has a lot of potential to maximize its number of views and likes. There are some areas one should know about before expecting a positive response from the audience, especially when it’s worldwide audience. However, do check these points out to find out if there is something that you should have been doing to increase viewership on YouTube:

Tweak Your Youtube Channel!

Your YouTube channel homepage is equivalent to an elevator pitch, you have limited time to impress potential viewers and captivate their attention. Having a professional and built up channel will provide them with everything they need and want to know about you. A professional channel will include high-quality images and video, along with any pertinent information about yourself and your content. Create your professional YouTube channel by starting with a custom homepage:

  • Upload a high-quality profile picture: A high-quality photo will portray your professionalism to viewers. Make sure it’s eye-catching and easily recognizable while still encompassing your brand. Keep in mind your profile picture must be 800×800 pixels and something that will look appealing in a square frame as well as a circle frame.

  • Create a visually appealing banner: The banner is the welcome sign for your channel and should catch the attention of your viewers. Similar to your profile picture, your banner should be a reflection of your brand and the content you create.Keep in mind that banners should be 2560×1440 pixels– pay attention to where the profile picture falls because it will block a portion of the banner and make sure anything that’s critical to your channel appears in the “safe space”.

  • Build up your channel description: Your channel description is a persuasive tool and could be the difference between someone choosing to subscribe and watch your videos, or to not at all. You want your description to be short and sweet while still making an impact on viewers. Tell people who you are and what your channel is about and also link to your other social media profiles to further increase exposure.

Create Killer Content!

All the promoting in the world won’t save a YouTube channel with lackluster content. Sure, you may get some initial views, but in order to gain and retain an engaged audience, you need to make sure you routinely deliver informative, high-value content. The kind of content will depend on your business and what appeals to your target audience. The key is to find a way to separate yourself from the pack.

Use Appropriate Video Tags!

YouTube gives you the option to add video tags when you upload your videos. Be sure to add relevant tags, including keywords specific to the video, and its niche. Spend some time researching the best and most relevant keywords to get you more traffic to your channel. Avoid adding tons of tags that are not related to your video, as YouTube channels can be penalized for this. The whole point of tags is to explain what the content of your video is all about. Keyword-rich tags will provide the search algorithm with all the necessary information.

Always Describe your video!

The video description is where you can better inform the search engines and users just what exactly your video is about. This will help you to increase the click through rate and then views,being as a users will know that what to expect your video. Try both stand out and remain the generic; you shall capture the interest still trying to rank for short tail keywords. Invite users above the fold with your descriptions and optimize them correctly for the YouTube search engine as you would with a normal SEO Meta description.

SEO Is Queen!

YouTube is full of great videos that will never be seen unless you optimize them. A few simple tweaks in the uploading process can increase search engine visibility. Just as a blog post requires to be optimized for search engines, so does your videos. For consistent traffic pumping implementing a good SEO strategy is important. For maximum traffic potential, you need to identify keywords for your videos that you would like to be found in the YouTube searches.Search Engines are all about providing users the most relevant results.

Share as often as you can!

The most common tip that you hear about increasing your YouTube viewership is to share as often as you can. Sharing more on Social media channels helps to circulate the videos and make them popular. Therefore, make sure that you share your YouTube videos on all other social media channels.

Craft Visually Interesting Thumbnails!

Thumbnails are one of the main factors if someone will click your video or not. Make your thumbnails interesting.Get a screenshot of a scene in your video, edit it in a photo editor and then add some text/ images/your video title and viola. That looks 100 times better than that auto generated youtube thumbnail!

Create End screens!

It is really important to have end screens to your videos. YouTubers know what importance the “End Screens” hold in their lives. Those last 5-20 seconds are very crucial where the YouTubers can add that extra piece of information to promote their content or the channel or website. So basically, we can say that End screens are a kind of lifeline for the YouTubers and the best part is that, it is mobile friendly, which means, it becomes simple for the viewer to take the next move before the video ends and thus, this end screen keeps the viewer go with the flow!

Respond to Your Feedbacks!

YouTube encourages viewers to give instantaneous feedback. A way to increase views is to keep the comments section lively, relevant, and updated. Viewers want to know that their feedback is heard. Set aside time every week to respond to your comments. If there is a lack of activity, post your own comments and introduce new, related topics. Listen to what they want to watch, how they want to watch, and what turns them off. Use all their free feedback in your next videos.

Winding Up!

Focusing on your metadata will make it easier for search engines to find your YouTube videos and rank them higher. And, creating the best video titles, thumbnails, and descriptions that are relevant to your channel and videos will help you get more views on YouTube. While there are other tips to increase viewership on your videos, these were the ones which are the most effective. Once your channel starts gaining traction, you will want to focus on lead generation. Remember, your goal is to drive your traffic off of YouTube so you can capture their email address. Placing links at the beginning of your video description will help convert your viewers into prospects and potential customers.

Thank you very much for reading!