Follow These Tips & Gain Real And Active SoundCloud Followers

Follow These Tips & Gain Real And Active SoundCloud Followers

1. Use the Bio to Get the Attention of Users.

“Consider your bio as your five-second chance to convince SoundCloud users why they should care about your tracks and listen to them. Tell them something about you in two (or three) short sentences. Seriously. That’s all the space and time you have got. Don’t mess around here.”

2. Add Social Media Links to Your SoundCloud Profile.

“Click on Links to add websites and social media accounts associated with your tracks. This can be your band or podcast homepage or maybe a venue or festival you’re performing at. Don’t be shy. This is a chance for fans to find you and stay up-to-date on what you are doing. Bonus: If you add a link to a Songkick or Bandpage URL to your profile we will automatically display your upcoming shows on your SoundCloud profile.”

3. Focus on Putting up Quality Music.

First thing’s first—if you want people to get on board with what you do, you have to give them something worth paying attention to. Don’t just throw up a new track as soon as you finish recording it. Take some time to make sure that what you’ve worked on sounds original and distinctive. As a musician, your first priority should be constantly improving your craft.

Placing an emphasis on tight, professional mixing can help your tracks stand out from the millions of others out there.
Remember, quality trumps quantity. It’s not a race to see who can stack up to the most tracks in the shortest amount of time.

4. Buy SoundCloud Followers.

It’s tough out there. SoundCloud is a hub of songs that are yet to be rivaled. How can you stand out from all that competition?

The truth is you don’t have any (or much) competition on SoundCloud. It’s not about competing, it’s about helping those who like your kind of music find you easily.

This is important. Never look at other SoundCloud accounts as your competition. They’re just there selling a different kind of product to you. Your music is unique and your fans are out there. They’re looking for music like yours. They just need some help finding you.

- Understanding how SoundCloud functions will make you better at getting your music noticed. The snowball principle on SoundCloud dictates that the more SoundCloud followers you have, the more exposure your music will receive.

Thousands of new artists start on SoundCloud and never get their profiles off the ground. Why? Because it takes followers to get followers.

- Fortunately, you can Buy SoundCloud Followers for your profile. In fact, it’s the fastest way to get more plays. These are not fake followers, they are real people with real SoundCloud accounts.

There are more strategies to this, but buying SoundCloud followers is a good start. From here, the remaining steps I’ve set out for you below will be a lot more effective.

5. Join a Few SoundCloud Groups.

Every type of music out there has a few groups where fans get together and talk about music. You can join as many groups as you want for free, so why not join up? You’re free to send your tracks there for inclusion in the group, an easy way to get more SoundCloud followers in a natural way!

You can also start up your own groups to truly get more SoundCloud followers of your own as you control the flow of music. As with most things in the music industry, start local and build from there. Don’t start a group named “Dope Hip-Hop.” Start a group named “Hip-Hop artists from Atlanta” to see it grow quickly as you have a better focus.

You’ll not only build connections on SoundCloud, but you can also meet up with more of these people in real life. Never underestimate the power of linking from the online world to a real handshake.

6. Tagging & Artwork.

Start on SoundCloud itself. What can you do to increase visibility and get more plays? There are two important things: Tagging your music and creating great album art.


Assigning a tag to your tracks helps categorize your music. People on SoundCloud are more likely to find you if you’re using popular keywords that relate to your genre, your style and even the newness of your music.

  • Genre: Without tagging your music genre you will end up being a solo needle in a SoundCloud haystack. If a genre for your music doesn’t yet exist, tag one that’s closest to it. Inventing your own is also fine, but it will take time to get it noticed. Use common genres to distinguish your music from others.
  • Style: What instruments did you use to make your songs? Is it slow, upbeat, melodic, emotional…? A good example is a drum & bass. That’s the genre, but how is that genre divided up? There’s hardcore DnB, melodic DnB, gaming DnB, feel-good DnB, etc. What’s your particular genre style?
  • Originality: There’s a huge fan base out there looking for new stuff. If your music is new, SoundCloud users want to hear it! Tag your music as new, original or unique. You’ll be amazed at how many users are looking for you right now!

The trick to tagging is putting yourself in the shoes of your prospective fan. What would they search if they were looking for music like yours? Think about it and write those terms down. Then use them to tag your music.

Album Art:-

The default image for your album is the SoundCloud logo. This looks a bit tacky though, so it’s time to work on something that’s eye-catching.

There are thousands of art and graphic design students around the world who are looking to expand their portfolios. Get hold of a few and collect some album art that really expresses your music and your songs. The trick with album art is to stop users from scrolling when they get to yours. Make it a good one.

7. Release Quality Content Consistently.

When you finish a demo or have a musical idea that sounds great, you shouldn’t put it out on SoundCloud immediately. The idea may probably be gold, but your online and public presence is a reflection of who you are as an artist. Therefore, you must understand that you should only post finished tracks that are a truthful and complete representation of your work. In the end, all work that is polished will be better than some unfinished idea.

It is also necessary that you use high-quality sounds to achieve a good sounding track. Only use the best samples out there if you are not recording your own. It may be hard to find good sample packs for free, but there are great sounding sample packs that are available for free. These could immediately contribute to a better sound.

Quality content doesn’t only rhyme with the ingredients of your track. If your track isn’t properly mixed and mastered, who would listen to it? To use an analogy, who would eat an overcooked meal? There are some great resources out there that can help you improve your mixing and mastering skills such as online production courses, informative youtube tutorials or even books on the given topic.

However, at this stage, you don’t want to be obsessed by the quality of your tracks whilst not releasing anything for a long lapse of time. There is a right balance to be found between quality and consistency. Moreover, if you release tracks consistently you will give your audience something to look forward to. At an early stage, this can be crucial, in order to build expectations.

8. Showcase Best Work.

“If you’re a Pro or Pro Unlimited user, use the Spotlight function to list up to five tracks or playlists at the top of your profile. Tracks listed on Spotlight will be highlighted on your profile. Other tracks will be displayed – with most recent at the top – underneath spotlighted tracks.”