Follow These Tips & Increase Your Video Views on Facebook l Alwaysviral

Follow These Tips & Increase Your Video Views on Facebook l Alwaysviral

There are many proven methods to increase viewership. Listed below some of the easy, interesting and effective ways for boosting customer engagement.

1. Post-Landscape Newsfeed Video.

This is the standard, cinematic video post; optimized for desktop or mobile viewing and fits well within the right column of Facebook for advertising.

These videos maintain an aspect ratio of 16:9 (full landscape) and if you change the orientation of your device, will display full screen. Optimally, these are also the same size as a YouTube video (1920 x 1080).

2. Upload Your Videos Natively

While it seems intuitive, posting a video to Facebook via the site’s native uploader (instead of, for example, posting a link to a YouTube or Vimeo video) will encourage more engagement and organic shares. In fact, a 2017 study discovered Facebook videos on average receive a 477% higher share rate than the YouTube format. Additionally, native Facebook videos attract roughly 530% more comments than linked YouTube videos.

Some brands might feel that in order to save their content and social teams time, they can create one video and simply cross-post it on various social video platforms. Unfortunately, as the stat above proves, Facebook users are far less inclined to share a non-native Facebook video, which is counter-productive to your goal of getting more shares to increase your overall watch time. Essentially, cross-posting might save you time for the short term, but in exchange, you’re giving up a lot of valuable engagements and shares in the long run.

3. Try to Grab People’s Attention Within the First 3 Seconds.

The first 3 seconds of any video is crucial. Tuck in the initial few seconds of your video with the most vital information to initiate more viewership. Facebook videos have first few seconds for auto-play. To captivate users’ attention and convince them to watch the media at that very moment here are a few proven points.

Find out how to make the first 3 seconds more engaging:

  • Use thumbnails: These are items on the page that does a great job of capturing people’s attention while they scroll through their feed.
  • Update video with a relevant post: Titles play a considerable role in making a video successful. Sometimes they add more meaning to the video and while other times they compel the viewers to take active action on a call to action.

In general, the first frame should be geared towards piquing a consumer’s interest.

4. Invite Others to Post Videos.

Are you afraid to let others post videos on your wall? If you realize how valuable the engagement of people is you’ll rethink your position. When influencers of your sphere—such as business leaders—post videos on your feed their audience may see the activity on their news feed.

Firstly you’ll be respected because of the connection with influencers. Secondly, the views will channel users to your profile. Can you afford to be territorial about your page?

Relax. Facebook makes it possible to have security and exposure. Use these handy settings:

  • Make sure you’re informed of all posts made to your wall.
  • Require that you have to approve posts before they appear on your wall.
  • Pick guidelines for posts. You can block posts that contain certain keywords. This empowers you to keep profanity and controversy off your wall.

Avail yourself of the many Facebook features that benefit you.

5. Start with Intro Text.

So, what makes viewers stop and pay attention? Let’s take a page out of the playbook of major publishers on Facebook, Buzzfeed, Thrillist, and other pages that get millions of views on their videos. One commonality with them is the use of captivating intro text within the first 1-3 seconds of each video.

Fact is, Facebook users are scrolling through the newsfeed quickly. By simply crafting some interesting copy displaying it quickly, and pairing it with a visually interesting clip, you’ll be able to hook more views.

6. Make Square or Vertical Videos.

Even though we just looked at the importance of uploading natively to Facebook, you should actually take a cue from Instagram when it comes to the shape of your video content. Why? Facebook videos which are square, like they are on the site’s separate photo-sharing app, tend to get more shares, views, engagement, and reach (particularly on mobile), according to a Buffer study. In particular, Buffer found square videos take up about 78% more real estate space on a Facebook user’s phone than a landscape format, meaning these users are more likely to watch, share, and engage with the clips.

In addition to square videos, your brand can consider making vertical videos. Since early 2017, Facebook has been serving users larger vertical video previews in their feeds, as the site said it’s focused on improving the video viewing experience. This update implies more users are spending time watching vertical videos, so it may be worth it for your brand to experiment to see if this format increases your shares and engagements.

7. Create Shareable Videos.

We noted in the introduction to this article how your first rule of business when creating videos for Facebook should be to create quality content. But if you combine this strategy with a compelling story or message, you’re sure to get more of a reaction from your viewers. For instance, your brand could support a cause or start a conversation around something your audience is passionate about. You could also focus on posting inspirational or funny human interest pieces related to your brand, as these types of videos continually attract millions of views per month (according to our monthly Facebook leaderboard results, at least).

We’re not the only ones who’ve noticed how well shareable content generates shares and engagement on Facebook. Content analytics company Buzzsumo looked at over 100 million videos on the social site and discovered videos with a humorous or uplifting tone tended to perform the best in terms of views, engagements, and shares. Another style of video to consider, according to Buzzsumo’s research, is hacks, tips, and how-to clips. Or you can Buy Facebook Video Views for your account.

8. Captions Play a Significant Role in a Video.

According to the rising trend, silent videos are among the most preferred watches of the viewers. Studies reveal that about 85% of views on Facebook videos are without sound. Hence, marketers must plan to optimize silence for more engagement.

Sometimes a Facebook business video does not require sound at all, but most of them need. However, most of the Facebook users prefer to watch videos without the sound. Facebook now has the feature of auto-plays on the mobile Newsfeed. Hence, if you add meaningful captions to your videos, your viewers can understand your message. This way without any voice or music your purpose will get served too.

When you upload a video on Facebook, upload SRT files of your captions. You can also add captions to your Facebook videos by editing the existing ones. The good news is, in the years to come Facebook is rolling out an auto-captioning feature too.