Free URL Rewriting Tool

Free URL Rewriting Tool

What is URL Rewriting?

URL rewriting is a method of session tracking in which some extra data is appended at the end of each URL. This extra data identifies the session. The server can associate this session identifier with the data it has stored about that session.
Every URL on the page must be encoded using method HttpServletResponse.encodeURL(). Each time a URL is output, the servlet passes the URL to encodeURL(), which encodes session ID in the URL if the browser isn't accepting cookies, or if the session tracking is turned off.

What is The Advantage of URL Rewriting?

URL rewriting works just about everywhere, especially when cookies are turned off. Multiple simultaneous sessions are possible for a single user. Session information is local to each browser instance, since it's stored in URLs in each page being displayed. This scheme isn't foolproof, though, since users can start a new browser instance using a URL for an active session, and confuse the server by interacting with the same session through two instances.
As stated by Moz, URL rewriting to SEF (Search engine friendly) matters a lot in organic traffic. Dynamic URL's keep changing when an action is beginning. So the URL's should be converted into SEO friendly URL's for better ranking. Static URL's are the trend to index and rank faster in search results, Dynamic URL's are difficult to understand by the user and search engine about the page. This makes it easier to the search engine as well as the user to understand what the page is all about.

About URL Rewiiting Tool

The URL Rewrite Tool is used to turn dynamic URLs into search engine friendly URLs. They typically rank better in search engines than long complex URLs with lots of parameters, they are easier to index in the first place and they also look good to remember to the end user. This URL rewriting tool will create an htaccess code to help you remove the dynamic URL from your site.

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