Free Instagram Video Views - Get 100 Free & Instant IG Views in 2019

Free Instagram Video Views - Get 100 Free & Instant IG Views in 2019

Instagram is one of the most quickly evolving and expanding social media platforms that the digital age has seen. Reports indicate that the platform has over 700 million monthly active users, having almost doubled since September 2015. It’s the third most popular social media platform used today (behind Facebook and Youtube) and is the fastest growing platform. In June of 2013, they unveiled the video feature, allowing users to upload videos a maximum of 15 seconds long. Brands immediately utilized this feature to promote their account.

Videos help brands bolster their visual marketing capabilities. Videos are more engaging and drive more audience involvement than traditional blog posts or even photos, conveying more information without being too long to lose audience attention. Some of the most popular Instagram accounts are brands, with many large corporations having millions of followers. National Geographic, the most followed branded account on Instagram, boasts 77.2 million followers.

To learn more about ways to increase video views for free, read on and following these specific strategies and tips!

Tips 1: Creative Always Wins.

If you are trying to turn loyal followers & new viewers into long-time InstagramStory subscribers. Then you need to start posting creative content. Although Instagram Stories was created to overtake their competitor SnapChat; which emphasizes candid shots and videos from everyday life. Posting on InstagramStories can be much more professional.

When creating content for Instagram Stories, treat them like a normal feed post. Of course, change the dimensions to 1080 pixels (width) by 1920 pixels(height), this also means an aspect ratio of 9:16. But make sure to have the well directed and edited.

However, the good thing about Instagram Stories is that the content only stays up for 24 hours. So for those that want to test new content strategies or styles, this is the perfect testing platform before making it official on your feed. In addition, this 24-hour life span for content means you can get extremely creative every single day, using a brand new blank canvas.

Tips 2: Buy Instagram Views.

You can also buy cheap Instagram views. Many Instagrammers use this method to easily and quickly increase the number of their views. This makes sense, especially if you are new on Instagram, as it truly gives you a boost right at the beginning of your career.

Buying views should not hold you back from creating great content though. If your Instagram videos are only mediocre or are not of any value to your followers, you will not achieve anything in the long run. Many Instagram views simply cannot hide irrelevant content.

You also want to stay authentic. If you only have a few Instagram followers, thousands of views seem rather unlikely. If you want to buy views, you should keep the right ratio between Instagram views, followers, and likes in mind.

Tips 3: Use Hashtags in Your Instagram Videos.

Hashtags can help you to attract more followers, get more likes, increase your local visibility, and improve engagement with potential customers—all of which help to generate more leads for your business. More leads mean more conversions, and more conversions mean more business. Hashtags are not just for your Instagram photo posts or Stories. You can (and should) use them for your videos as well.

Choosing the Best Hashtags:-

Choosing the best hashtags to increase your videos’ visibility on Instagram can be difficult. In general, your hashtags need to be popular enough to cover terms being searched by Instagram users, but specific enough to reach your target customers. For example, if you are a nail salon, #happy and #summer are too vague. Something like #summernailart would be a better hashtag for your Instagram video. If you incorporate your location into your hashtags, you’ll make your business even more visible—to people near you who care about summer nail trends, aka potential customers.

Use Video Hashtags To Research Hashtags for Your Videos:-

To find hashtags for your Instagram videos, research your competitors, your audience, and your competitors’ audience to help find the most appropriate hashtags. There are also many hashtag research tools available today. Your video content is where you can stand out and put your uniqueness and creativity on display. Don’t be afraid to use current popular hashtags as well.

Tips 4: Write a Good Description.

That’s a lot of writing about hashtags, but with good reason. Hashtags are the driving force behind a majority of your visitors. The trick, then, is to convince the people who see a thumbnail and a description to hit play and watch your whole video. One key component to convincing users to actually watch is your description. Up at the top of your video caption, you write the non-tag description in plain language.

The caption of an Instagram post, photo or video, is limited to 2,200 characters. This includes your hashtags as well as your tagged users and your description. However, when in thumbnail form and in a feed, only the first 120-140 characters are shown. It tends to vary, as Instagram seems to truncate between words rather than at a fixed character number, though I haven’t tested that recently.

Tips 5: Add the Title As a Frame.

The square video format also makes it easier to add your title to the duration of your video clips. Instead of your video being a 1:1 ratio, take a 16:9 video, fit it into a square, and use the remaining space for your title. This is how we make our videos above. Adding text like this allows you to communicate your value quickly as users scroll through the newsfeed.

You can make it bold, style it consistently with your brand, and never worry about losing context as the video is shared. We’ve actually seen an increase in shares by using this method.

Tips 6: Schedule to Post at Peak Times.

While Instagram’s algorithm has somewhat affected when users see our posts, scheduling videos to go live during peak times can still make a huge difference. Since most engagement happens on Instagram content very soon after it’s posted, knowing your audience’s times of peak activity can still drastically increase your video views. Once you’ve got a solid first round of engagement, Instagram will boost the reach of your video, increasing your number of views further.

Here’s the thing; you’ll need to learn what the peak posting times are for your specific audience. It can actually vary widely from brand to brand.  According to one study, for example, the best time to post on Instagram is on Mondays. Another found that the worst day of the week (if only slightly) was on a Monday.

Tips 7: Respond to Audience Interaction.

Stay on top of messages! Replying to direct messages proves that your company cares about its clientele and will encourage users to follow your page. Replying to questions in the comments section of videos can additionally show drive and respect for the time and attention of your viewers, leading to more followers. More users following your page lead to more views on future videos.

Tips 8: Give Your Videos a Professional Look.

The last tip on getting more views for your Instagram marketing videos is to give them a polished and professional look. You don’t have to be a master editor, there is plenty of user-friendly software available. Here are some applications that will send you on your way to making beautiful advertising shorts:

  • Apple iMovie (Mac): Apple’s iMovie application is available free with all new iPhones, iPads and Mac computers. It’s a user-friendly tool that will allow you to perform basic edits to your video including captioning, adding music, enhancing the quality, reducing background noise, and more.
  • Windows Movie Maker (Windows): Similar to iMovie, Windows Movie Maker is another easy-to-use video editor capable of creating fresh social videos without all the extra (sometimes complicated) features that come with programs such as Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Wondershare Filmora (Windows/Mac): This software app is extremely affordable, and specializes in quick video edits and enhancements.
  • Cinefy: Is a quick mobile app more up your alley? Cinefy has hundreds of filters and animations while giving you as much editing power as desktop software, with the convenience of a mobile application.

With programs like these, you can get crafty and spruce up your Instagram marketing videos without spending hours learning a specialized skill.