Get Free Instagram Video Views: Views Increaser Tactics for 2019

Get Free Instagram Video Views: Views Increaser Tactics for 2019

If you are on Instagram, then there is an element to fame that you like. It, however, could be because it is one of the easiest platforms to use to market products. Instagram mainly works using pictures. It does not really rely on text to sell rather it is about what people see. Other than pictures, Instagram also supports videos. The videos gather views just like the pictures do. How video views work might, however, be slightly different from how pictures work. 

Here are Some Ways for Instagram Views, that’s Help You to Get More Views on Instagram.

1. Use Appropriate Hashtags.

A relevant Hashtag will steer the target audience to watch the video. Hashtags help in attracting followers and increasing your local visibility to generate more leads for your business.

An appropriately used hashtag for a video can do wonders. However, choosing the most relevant hashtag can be quite a daunting task. The only guiding mantra is to incorporate your business location and use specific terms in your hashtag.  In case you have trouble deciding, scrutinize the hashtags that your competitors use and you may get an idea of what is appropriate to attract more audience.

2. Post Shareable Videos.

If you want your post to be engaging then make sure you post sharable contents(videos in this case), post videos that your followers should be able, to share to their own followers and what their followers can be able to share as well, by this, you can increase your Video Views.

3. Repost Your Existing Videos.

While it is important to share the latest and relevant content to your social media profiles and blog posts, reposting your existing videos could also increase their viewership. You could take short snippets from existing lengthy videos and share them on Instagram with a pertinent #hashtag.

You can as well repost a video you shared some months back. Note that your new followers might not be able to view a video you shared some months back, so reposting your videos could make it possible for new followers to view them.

4. Edit Your Video.

Do this on a computer so that the video becomes more appealing. This is because computers have more editing features than phones. They also have a better editing software that may not work on phones. Once done with the pre-editing, you can Bluetooth it to your phone or tablet.

5. Respond to Audience Interaction.

Stay on top of messages! Replying to direct messages proves that your company cares about its clientele and will encourage users to follow your page. Replying to questions in the comments section of videos can additionally show drive and respect for the time and attention of your viewers, leading to more followers. More users following your page lead to more views on future videos.

6. Use Instagram Stories.

Creativity is always appreciated, so try adding a twist to your Instagram video marketing strategy with Boomerangs or Instagram Stories. Boomerangs are not quite a movie, but not quite a photo, and they make for eye-catching and delightful content for your viewers. The videos in your Instagram Stories will be short-lived, but this gives you an opportunity to experiment with different approaches without cluttering up your Feed.

7. Use Natural Light Sources.

If you are looking to get more views on your Instagram pictures, you should also use natural light when possible. Natural light can create a lot of moods, feelings, and depth to your pictures. Using artificial light takes away from the beauty and overall quality of your pictures, which can keep people from clicking on your picture. You also should utilize the various parts of the day, such as sunrise and sunset. This is due to the fact that during different times of the day, your picture and subject will give off different shadows that people will want to click on to see.

8. Like, Follow the People Who are Part of Your Niche.

You should encourage your audience or tribe to be engaged. If they are involved in many ways with what you are doing, they are more likely to see what you post and even share it. You may use Bot for this purpose if you wish to automate your actions.

The people who have the most views on Instagram pictures also seem to have a niche or specialty that they focus on for pictures. If you are a chef for example, then you want to take pictures of food and food preparation. If you want to get more views on your Instagram pictures, then stick to posting pictures of your niche. You can throw in a few other types of pictures too; just make sure it is not cluttered with random pictures. You also want to keep your specialty, niche, or hobby to just a couple of things. This will help keep your Instagram pictures coherent and focused on certain topics.