Get Soundcloud Comments Free(2019 Update)

Get Soundcloud Comments Free(2019 Update)

Step 1: Produce and Post High-Quality, Well-Presented Tracks.

This is what SoundCloud is about—your material must be original, innovative and high-quality. The better it is, the more follows, comments and reposts you will get. Remember to tag your material comprehensively: this means genre, subgenre, influences and even the particular instruments and technologies that you used, especially if it’s something iconic like a TR-808 or a TB-303.

Give your tracks compelling titles, and include details.  Music Think Tank emphasizes that people love to take a look at ‘New’ tracks that offer a ‘Free Download’.

Create quality images for your account and music releases, in line with the standard of your music—this may seem shallow, but it’s how the modern industry works. If you want to keep costs low ($5), you can get a great-looking logo from one of the designers working on Fiverr, or, if it suits, try using some beautiful creative commons images.

Step 2: Don’t be Shy, Share It Everywhere!

This one really is a no brainer. Just share it! A very good tip is to add a lot of Soundcloud groups that are related to your genre and every time you release a new track share it in all of them.

I would also suggest you do the same on Facebook groups related to the genre and post your Soundcloud link on them; the same applies to online forums, twitter, etc.

Step 3: Spruce up Your Bio. 

Open with a brief, engaging introduction to greet visitors to your page and let them know who you are and what they can expect from your music. Your bio will usually be one of the first things new listeners will see, so it's important that it be well-written and engaging.

  • An intriguing bio might say something like "A good song is like a conversation. For thirteen years, my guitar has been talking to me, and I've listened closely. The result is a white-hot slug of low-country rhythm and blues that strums like David Allan Coe, croons like Roy Orbison, and burns like a swig of bootleg shine straight out of granddaddy's fruit cellar."
  • Try not to ramble on at length. There's no need to cover every detail of your life. Keeping it short and sweet will often make more of an impression.

Step 4: Build Your Network of Friends & Connections.

How will this help you? Once you have real friends with other SoundCloud users, they’ll help you promote your music in lots of different ways (that I’ll get into in a minute). The key to developing real relationships is to show genuine interest and offer real value to others, instead of always thinking about what’s in it for you.

We’ve all seen those people who follow 2000 people (the maximum allowed number) and like everything in their dashboard, without properly engaging with you. DON’T be another one of those guys – it’s obvious that you’re spam-liking and spam-following and that’s not a good look for you and your brand…

How to Do It:-

1. Find people whose music you like.

2. Like, repost, comment on their songs.

3. Find them on Facebook and like their Facebook page, then comment on their Facebook page

4. After a couple of weeks of steps 1, 2 and 3, send them a message on SoundCloud – ask them how they made this sound or that snare, and let them know that you’ve shared their music with your followers on SoundCloud, Facebook etc. Basically, get a conversation going and show them that you’re willing to help them out.

If you do this with 10 people, you’ll be able to read a lot of benefits including growing your audience.

Step 5: Try to Find the Best Platform to Share Your Music.

Your music needs to be heard; we already talked about that.
Sharing it on other social platforms will help to find your Soundcloud followers and new fans. If you do a little research and try to see on which platform your ideal audience is posting, hop on to that social train and start your conversations there. If you are not sure where to start, I would suggest to sign up for Facebook and Twitter. Free, easy and probably something that a lot of your fans are using right now. If you are currently using another platform that you think works better, go ahead. As long as it will serve you your first listeners.

Step 6: Use the Follow Method.

On the SoundCloud platform, you can follow up to 2000 users. From our statistics, 10-15% of all the profiles will follow you back, which is a great way to increase your SoundCloud followers. Please don’t follow more than 30-50 users per day, if you don’t want your account to be flagged. Also, don’t forget to have a good user picture and cover if you want to increase the views on your profile .

Step 7: Facebook Groups.

This is one of the best ways to promote your tracks and get more SoundCloud plays and likes. These groups have over 50.000 members and are the perfect place where you can start promoting for SoundCloud for free. SoundCloud Network{VIP}, SoundCloud Music Unchained, SoundCloud Underground Hip-Hop are the best groups on Facebook with a lot of interaction. Just make a post on one of these groups and you will get more than 100 free SoundCloud plays.