Growing Your Plays on SoundCloud: Get More Listeners for Your Tracks

Growing Your Plays on SoundCloud: Get More Listeners for Your Tracks

Know about the tricks and technique that can help you gain SoundCloud Plays and followers almost instantly. Registering an account simply is not all you can do, there is a lot more to do in order to expect desired results.

SoundCloud has enormous reach when it comes to music promotion and connecting to artists from all over. SoundCloud has opened a new dimension for musicians, especially for the beginners. Mostly, the most frequent suggest you get is to buy SoundCloud Followers, but before doing that you should know how to make it work for yourself.

Here are Some Ways for SoundCloud Plays, that’s Help You to Get More Plays on SoundCloud.

#1. Know the Best Days When You Can Upload Your Music.

Probably you didn’t expect this to be a strategy, but it is since there are days when people are more active on SoundCloud. Thus, Sunday may be the best day to make a release. Why? Well, people have daily jobs and may not have the time to spend online looking for music. Even most music producers may start something on Saturday and will have it finished by Sunday. So yes, this is a great time to be around with a new song.

#2. Share On Social Media.

Sharing the track on social media sites like FacebookYouTubeTwitter, and Pinterest will enable a large viewership of the post and tweet. You could also request your Soundcloud followers to share the link, track, teasers on their respective social media platforms.

A.Facebook:- It is pretty easy to integrate the Soundcloud track into Facebookas an embedded playable track by simply pasting the URL of the track on your FB page. Over time, a special fan page can be created where track samples can be uploaded for your fans.

B.YouTube:- YouTube is another convenient option that can be used to promote your Soundcloud audios. Since the integration between Soundcloud and YouTube is not as easy as other platforms, hence this medium can be and should be used for promotion by posting teasers, putting up the embedded link in the YouTube video and redirecting interested listeners to your Soundcloudpage.

C.Twitter:- this is one of the most effective media of providing live updates to your listeners and followers on your music releases.

D. Pinterest:- have your Soundcloud track pinned as an image on Pinterest using the Pinmarklet feature on Soundcloud. The image could be the album cover or any other relevant picture.

#3. Create a list of Music Contacts.

Make sure to spend enough time to check these sources. Go through blog posts and find out whether their interests align with your content. If they do, find out how to contact them. If you can bypass the generic demo submission e-mail and directly talk to a content creator, your odds of success will increase ten-fold.

Typically you can visit the ‘Contact Us’ page and somewhere on the page, you will see their email above. About 80% they will also list their email with a contact form. Grab the email.

When you have the contact information, add it into a list which allows you to quickly see what kind of channel you are dealing with.

#4. Use Groups.

Groups are a good way to meet producers with similar tastes and interests. They are also a perfect place for finding recent tracks to play or to use for learning and practicing. If you post a track to a group, it should be free to download, it will make you more popular and your track will get viral rapidly.
Similar to any social network, building and making the audience follow on SoundCloud takes innovation, hard work and patience. However, there is another resort to boost SoundCloud plays and followers much more quickly, by buying them. It is a short cut way of beginning a song. Instead of beginning from zero plays, you can initiate from thousands and rapidly put things in track.

#5. Know the Right Tagging.

Every song has a genre and every genre has a mood to it. Always use related and similar interest tags for the song, so that the listeners can find them when they search that genre on SoundCloud. Technically also it is suggested to give the track relevant tagging. Otherwise, it is disqualified to be discovered. Tagging is a major social media factor, which you cannot overlook in SoundCloud as well.

#6. Buy SoundCloud Plays.

There is no denying it: In a more and more oversaturated music industry, it may be hard for your music to be heard. To boost your visibility on SoundCloud, it’s important that users are playing your songs regularly. The more plays you have, the more visible you’ll be. If you’re struggling to attract listeners, it can be advantageous to buy SoundCloud plays. While it’s true that this pretty much equates to artificially inflating your play count, as a result, you’ll garner more real followers. There is a wide range of services that offer SoundCloud plays, and costs vary so you will want to do your research before making a purchase order.

#7. Create a new Profile Picture for Each Album.

Your profile picture is a very important piece of information which is presented to everyone who finds you on SoundCloud. To keep interested in your account high, and to keep your band on ‘brand’, you need to change out your profile picture when you move on to a new project or album.

You may think that an image, whose ideal size is only 300 x 300 pixels, doesn’t matter for getting plays. You’d be wrong to think that. You can change out this image to look active after time away, bringing people back to your account who have been away. If it’s your first profile photo, make sure it’s professional enough to warrant attention.