SoundCloud Promotion: The Ultimate Guide to Increase Plays on SoundCloud

SoundCloud Promotion: The Ultimate Guide to Increase Plays on SoundCloud

On SoundCloud, it can be a significant test of wit for rising artists to get themselves heard over the white noise made by the many other music makers who arrived before them. In any case, there are methods and strategies you can put into action as a music maker beginning on SoundCloud that will convey introduction to your tracks and pile on your play check.

To kick you off, we’ve assembled a couple of tips on the most proficient method to get more plays for your tracks on SoundCloud.

1. Know the Best Days when You can Upload Your Music.

Probably you didn’t expect this to be a strategy, but it is since there are days when people are more active on SoundCloud. Thus, Sunday may be the best day to make a release. Why? Well, people have daily jobs and may not have the time to spend online looking for music. Even most music producers may start something on Saturday and will have it finished by Sunday. So yes, this is a great time to be around with a new song.

2. Use Facebook to Promote Your SoundCloud Links.

Whether you have a profile that shows you are a developing artist, where you can share the link with your new song, or try adding it to groups that share the same musical interests, Facebook can help you find more listeners. Still, if you want to join a group on Facebook, it is recommended to have a bit of activity first there, like offering comments and feedbacks for the rest. And only after you can start introducing your links, together with a comment relevant to the group, just to avoid being seen as spam or ignored.

3. Images and Descriptions are Especially Powerful on SoundCloud.

Don’t push the cover art and description down to the bottom of the priority list.  You should use high-resolution images and upload and resize them to fit within the confines.  In addition, the description is a clean slate that allows you to be as descriptive and creative as you want.  Tell your listeners the story of the audio you’ve uploaded.  In the description you can add the “backstory, credits, lyrics, gear lists, or guest lists,” adds the blog post. 

This is also the perfect place to give your collaborator(s) a shoutout by linking their profiles.  Remain consistent and professional in your writing on your tracks. 

4. Create a new Profile Picture for Each Album.

Your profile picture is a very important piece of information which is presented to everyone who finds you on SoundCloud. To keep interest in your account high, and to keep your band on ‘brand’, you need to change out your profile picture when you move on to a new project or album.

You may think that an image, whose ideal size is only 300 x 300 pixels, doesn’t matter for getting plays. You’d be wrong to think that. You can change out this image to look active after time away, bringing people back to your account who have been away. If it’s your first profile photo, make sure it’s professional enough to warrant attention.

5. Find Active Youtube Channels.

What you’re going to do now is the start to gather contact information with a creative trick. Genres are a great area to start this! Say you make Future Bass music. Do the following on Youtube.

  1. Go on Youtube and type in “Future Bass Remix” in the search bar.
  2. After searching, Filter Results by Upload Date.
  3. You Now have a List of Active Promotional Channels on Youtube.

You could obviously repeat this process for any genre such as Trap, Electro House, Hybrid Trap, etc. Search your target genre and if the channel is worth submitting to, you’re most likely going to find their most recent video upload in the search results.

6. Promote Your Music on Twitter.

What are you trying to say with your music? Music has a strong cultural element. You can tap into that by creating a following on Twitter and associating it with your music.

If you follow other artists you already know how effective this can be. Fans want to get inside the heads of their favorite musicians and love to hear from them. Even your mildest fans will enjoy a tweet about your creative process or a recent collaboration.

7. Follow for Download Gates.

As the name would suggest, a common strategy is to give away your music for free download in exchange for a follow on SoundCloud. Hip-hop artist Chamillionaire was the first to pioneer this tactic prior to following for download tech even existed. His idea = Give away your music for free in exchange for an email. Cham was able to eventually build such a huge email list that whenever he put out the next song, he could guarantee success because he had amassed such a huge following. The result, every major label wanted to sign him!

Services like Stereoload allow you to offer up a free download in exchange for a follow on your channel. Much like Chamillionaire's example, this makes it so the next track you put out will theoretically do better because you’ll have boosted your follower count.

Some follow for download gates allow you to collect followers across various stores and social channels, collect emails, or even gift exclusive content. This has become a must do for building an audience on SoundCloud.

8. Purchase Plays.

A standout amongst the best and surefire approaches to give a lift to your popularity perception is through purchasing plays. Most importantly, purchasing plays will clearly build the number of plays for your music. In any case, less clearly, it will likewise give social believability to your music since tracks with higher quantities of plays are considered of higher quality. At the point when individuals see that a considerable measure of other individuals has turned into your music, they will probably need to hear it out themselves. This will make a positive feedback loop where more individuals will discover your music every day. So You Can Buy SoundCloud Plays, For Your Popularity.

9. Make A Video.

One of the ways you can increase the plays for your music is by making a music video. Right now, users spend more than 33% of their Internet time watching videos. Furthermore, video content gets more offers and higher engagements when contrasted with different types of media on the web. Exploit this by making recordings and sharing them additionally over video sites like YouTube. This demonstrates the significance of incorporating video into your music. Ensure that you make recordings for your melodies, and at that point share these recordings on numerous web-based social networking pages and websites, with these recordings linking back to your SoundCloud profile.