Guranteed Ways to Get More Post Shares on Facebook

Guranteed Ways to Get More Post Shares on Facebook

1. Engage: Ask Questions.

Litographs is an online store that creates art from books. They sell t-shirts and posters and other items that appeal to readers.
Being a linguaphile myself, I adore these guys and appreciate the work they do! And there are many fans like me. Just imagine – their facebook page is followed by 125k+ fans. What’s the secret of their page success? I scrolled down their feed over a 6 month period and noticed that they talk to their followers. No, it is more correct to say that their followers answer them! How do they accomplish this? They simply ask. Litographs asks for opinions about books, movies, goods and many other things. Almost every 3-4th post has a real conversation in the comments. The company uses their Facebook posts to drive sales, but they also do a good job of entertaining their audience with questions and humor.

Teasers to upcoming events that are of interest to their followers help Litographs gain a lot of engagement on their posts.
Carlo’s Bakery shows us a great example of this “Ask a Question” type of post as well. But let’s be honest – how can you scroll past this delicious post without paying attention?! If you sell food – you are bound to succeed, because the food is what drives this world!

2. Elicit a Strong Reaction.

Appeals to emotion are usually an efficient way to get people fired up and willing to take action by sharing your post. I was managing a Facebook account for a background check company, and we posted a mugshot of a sex offender who had been caught in the act by his victim’s father and given a doozy of a shiner. This post appeals to our demographic on multiple levels:

It has a strong family element, which illustrates a father’s protective instincts.
It’s a great revenge story—the absolute worst kind of criminal getting what he deserves.
It’s a true story.
This was a good strategy that fit the leanings of our demographic. For most businesses, it wouldn’t be appropriate to post a picture of a beat-up sex offender, but you can use similar techniques and adapt this strategy to content that makes sense for your business or organization.

3. Play: Quizzes, Polls, Puzzles.

People love to share their opinions and participate in different quizzes and polls. Ask your audience to vote with “Like” and “Heart” like in this facebook post to define what they like or prefer. It’s always interesting to see what others think about this as well so you can expect them to return to your post again and again.
Have some fun and have them solve math or word puzzles. People will participate in the comments and share their suggestions. It’s important to respond to each comment (if needed) and guide the discussion. TVC Mall received 696 comments for an apple-banana puzzle!

4. Get Personal: Show Them Your Face.

Try to be more personal. Show them your office or the place where you work. Share your plans and intentions. If you are an offline store – let your online audience get to know your staff and evoke the desire for them to come in and meet them for real. You need to become friends with your followers and be open to get real engagement.

5. Strike During Peak Sharing Time.
According to Facebook user-engagement research by Buddy Media, publishing your posts between 8 p.m. and 7 a.m. (when most of your fans aren’t accessing Facebook at work) is a key factor in increasing “shares.” The same research also indicates that fan comments, “likes,” and sharing activity is 8 percent higher on Wednesdays than it is on another day of the week.

6. Visualize Quotes, Motivations.

People don’t read text on its own, they see the picture and decide within ⅕ of a second to read or not to read the text it has. Use this information to your advantage and offer them visual posts to motivate and inspire with great sayings and quotes. Why are these types of quotes are so popular? We all are fighting with inner questions all day long and when we find something that speaks to us and our situation, our finger instinctively taps the “like” button. All we need is motivation, and when we see the inspirational words said by a celebrity, a great mind or whoever else we want to act now – lose weight, make this Monday productive, start a new life, and eat 5 veggies a day!

7. Keep Your Copy Simple and Powerful.
The copy that you include with your post should be written as carefully as you would write an ad. Powerful writing will take your post far. Just like you would tell a potential customer to “subscribe now” or “click here,” the same strong, directive copy should be applied to social media marketing. Always include a sentence at the end which says “Like and Shares.” If you can work in a way to say “Like and Share if you think that… .” and then include something most people would agree with, you’ll be amazed at how popular your post will be—as long as you just keep things simple, straightforward, and shocking.

8. Take the Focus off Yourself.

Facebook users share posts for the same reasons they’ll discuss something they read, learned, or heard about in a face-to-face interaction: It moved them emotionally or had personal relevance. Don’t simply share an image, article, quote, blog post, or update; ask what people think. When fans comment, nurture the interaction with a response. Beyond the importance of having two-way communication with your Facebook fans and uncovering invaluable insight into what makes them “tick,” fan interaction by way of “likes,” comments, clicks on links and images, and “shares” is critical to staying relevant. Facebook’s algorithm (EdgeRank) bases the content users see in their news feeds on such interactivity with pages and friends. If they’re not interacting with your page, most of your posts will soon “drop off” their feeds. You Can Buy Facebook Post Shares by Yourself.