Here are Some Tactics To Get More Playlist Followers On Your Spotify Account

Here are Some Tactics To Get More Playlist Followers On Your Spotify Account

Spotify Marketing Strategy

Do you want your music to get more plays on Spotify and get included in the biggest playlists? In this post, we outline our entire Spotify marketing strategy that helps our artists to get more Followers on their Spotify playlists.

1. Use Your Social Powers 

The first and the most effective way to build your following on Spotify is to use the social media power you already have. If you have an artist page on Facebook or a few hundred friends on your personal account this is a great place to start. Post the link to your playlist, tell people what to expect if they follow and actively ask people to follow. Be sure to also ask your friends to share your playlist with other friends who might be interested in the style of music you are curating.

Don’t stop at Facebook, use your Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Musically, Soundcloud and Reddit account to ask people to follow your playlists. You have spent time building your community, be sure to use them! If you are looking for some tools to grow your Instagram, Facebook followers, click here.

Also, try to tag the artists you have featured in the playlist when you are talking about it on social media. A Retweet or Facebook mention from a popular artist can help your Spotify playlist explode!

2. Embed Your Playlist On Your Own Website

Right-click the title of your playlist on Spotify and select: “Copy Embed Code”. Paste that code into your next blog post on into the sidebar of your website. This will bring more visibility to your playlist and encourage people to follow you on Spotify.

3. Post On Reddit 

Reddit’s Spotify Playlists subreddit hosts a competition every month for the best playlist created within a theme. Alternatively, you can simply upload to this subreddit which helps to bring the power of Reddit’s ranking algorithm to Spotify playlist discovery.

The We Are the Music Makers subreddit is another online community perfect for playlist exchanges. There are different competitions every week to create a buzz, where users post comments and regularly check out the work of others.

4. Collaborate With Other Playlist Curators

Collaborate with popular playlist-makers.

Create a playlist that’s mutually beneficial; with the help of some platforms, it could rank highly on Spotify searches. Send in a proposition along with your playlist idea via email or through the websites. Remember to advertise yourself as a curator who can work professionally and within a deadline.

5. Make Use of Blogs and Influencers

Contact popular music bloggers and work on a collaboration or a playlist takeover with them. Have the blogger post about it to their social media profiles encouraging fans to share.

An easy way to contact influencers is through Famebit. It’s free to sign up and you can meet tastemakers worldwide who post daily on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Alternatively, create your own weekly blog post and keep it fresh with new music and update it with your own playlist links.

6. Make a cover and release on Spotify

Maybe make more than one. Just be strategic. Promote the beep out of it and be sure to align it with your sound and style – make it your own. If you’re looking for sustainability and to solidify your brand, think about stepping outside of your genre. Doing so has its pros and cons, but they aren’t discussed in this post, just think carefully about using this approach.

7. Crossfade Your Tracks

Another killer party trick: so there’s never any weird silences between songs. Under settings, you’ll find “Playback”; and from there, adjust the crossfade to your heart’s content. Wow, look at you, you are like a real live DJ, dude.