Here are Some Ways will Help You to Increase Your Youtube Subscribers(Actually its Worked)

Here are Some Ways will Help You to Increase Your Youtube Subscribers(Actually its Worked)

1. Post Useful Content Consistently.

This is one of the most difficult things to do as a content creator.  If you take a look around YouTube you might think that every video under the sun has been created and that is most likely true, but you can put your own spin on a popular topic.  For example, there are many “unboxing” tech videos…what if you created a “reboxing” and talk about the various components of tech while you put it back in the box?  The key here is creativity and that will certainly boost subscriptions.

2. Increase Uploading Frequency and consistency.

The key to any relationship is consistency. Same goes for you and your subscribers. You have to consistently nurture your subscribers with top class videos on a regular basis.

The math is simple. More videos mean more minutes consumed from your channel. This is a strong signal to Youtube that your channel is serious about video creation. It increases the possibility of your video appearing on the first page of search results.

Once it reaches the first page, you will get even more viewers and in turn subscribers. If your content is good, people will start sharing your videos leading to more subscribers. This is why influencers like Gary Vaynerchuk upload a video every single day!

3. Create a Plan for Your Videos.

The first step in getting started on your YouTube journey is to plan what your channel is going to be all about. Then you need to plan the structure of the videos.


Decide what it is that you love creating and focus on developing related skills. Do not mimic trending YouTube channels. Doing what you love is more important for success on YouTube (and in life).

Videos tend to perform better if you write a script because scripts help you in organizing your videos efficiently and keeping you on track. By sticking to a script, you’ll be able to stay on track without veering off to an unrelated topic. This script will also ensure a perfect flow of events resulting in a well-focused video.

Include as many details as possible into your video script:

  • The exact words you are going to say.
  • The actions you will be taking in the video.
  • The main points you need to stress.
  • Any necessary calls to action (click on this link, subscribe to my channel, etc.)

4. Name Your Videos Strategically.

One of the most difficult things is to name your video. You have the name in your head, but it may be something complex or too long.  My rule is to keep it basic and use the YouTube autocomplete to name the video.  There is nothing wrong with your video having the same name or something close to a popular video, as long as it’s relevant.

5. Create Video Thumbnails that are irresistible to click.

Once upon a time, only Youtube partners could use custom thumbnails. But now everyone can do it just by verifying their phone numbers.

People brainstorm for hours to come up with magnificent blog titles but don’t put the same effort into creating video thumbnails. This is because they don’t realize that thumbnails are to video what headline is to blogs.

All the effort you put into creating your video will go to waste if people don’t click. Your Video thumbnail plays a significant role in making people click. Here are a few tips to create click-worthy video thumbnails:

  • Make it consistent: It is better you choose a particular style and stick with it. This helps in making your videos more recognizable over time.
  • Colors: It’s better you stick with your brand colors. Again, there is no hard and fast rule. Use the color wheel to decide which color suits a particular post more.
  • Resolution: The last thing you want to do is create low-quality images that get pixelated! Also, getting the wrong dimension can make your thumbnails look awkward. Make sure your thumbnails are of the size ‘1280x720.’
  • Put your face up there: The human eye is attracted to human faces rather than text or any other graphic. Neuroscience has proved this. This doesn’t mean that you crop in a fixed template of your face in every thumbnail! Use different expressions that suite the topic of your video.
  • Size of the text: Remember, thumbnails are small. The text has to take a significant portion of the thumbnail’s real estate to be visible when it appears on Youtube. Many people, having created posters, make the mistake of using text that is way too small.

6. Come up with a Pitch for your YouTube Channel.

An elevator pitch is an often underestimated tool that’s relevant to all self-starters, whether you’re an entrepreneur, a freelancer, or a creator. And YouTubers are no exception. This pitch can be used in your About section, your intro, your closing, or wherever you need to quickly communicate what your channel is about.

Most YouTubers already end their videos by saying something along the lines of, “If you liked this video, please hit the thumbs up, leave a comment, and subscribe.” But this call to action can be enhanced by creating an outro that speaks to the content that’s to come rather than what viewers just watched.

Your pitch can be as simple as I post [videos you post] every [when you post]or a teaser for what's next. These couple of seconds capture the essence of your channel's content in a way that gives new viewers a reason to hit that subscribe button.

7. Develop a Consistent Visual Theme for Video Thumbnails.

Thumbnails, in some ways, are more powerful than titles when it comes to enticing people to click a video on YouTube. It’s worth investing time in making sure there’s some consistency across them because it makes your channel look coherent.

YouTube lets you choose which frame to use as the thumbnail for each video, but you should look into designing your own. Use Canva (free) to create custom YouTube thumbnails for each video to grab attention and create a sense of cohesion across all your videos at a glance.

You can see the difference it makes below. Not only does it make each individual video clickable, but it helps to communicate what you’re about which every potential subscriber wants to know.

8. Create a Release Schedule and Talk about it in Your Weekly YouTube Videos.

When you go to any YouTube channel, you’ll see that every channel has a banner, and you want to make sure, if you’re going to be releasing one video a week, make sure you choose a day of the week that you release it.

For example, on this channel, releasing it on every single Monday. On Sexy Confidence, it’s every single Thursday.

Some channels do every single day of the week, so five videos a week. I wouldn’t recommend going much further than that, but regardless of what schedule you choose, you want to stick to it, make sure it’s on that banner so that people can see it, and then most importantly, talk about it in your videos.