How Can Increase YouTube Subscribers? (Important Tips)

How Can Increase YouTube Subscribers? (Important Tips)

1. Be Consistent With Your Video Uploads

Constantly posting content is key to increasing your youtube subscribers and is a common trend among all of the platform’s top creators. These creators post at minimum multiple videos a week, while some even post multiple times within the same day. In fact, most of YouTube’s top creators have an average of 78 videos per month. Just take a look at one of YouTube’s most successful creators Felix, better known as “PewDiePie”, who has the most subscribers of any vlogger on the platform (53 million, 20 million more than the next highest).

As you begin to upload and publish your content more consistently, you will want to make sure each video includes a clear call-to-action. The call-to-action should align with your goal to increase your subscribers and the messaging can be as simple as asking your viewers to subscribe. The best time for your call-to-action is about the 30 second mark. Keep in mind that consistency doesn’t only apply to YouTube. Everytime you upload a new video on YouTube, make sure you leverage the power of your other social channels to drive additional traffic, and potential new subscribers to your video by linking it on all social networks

2. Optimize Your Content For YouTube’s Search Engine

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine behind Google and processes 3 billion searches a month, so optimizing your content with proper keywords and video tags will increase your YouTube subscribers and discoverability on the platform. One of the first things to consider as you create a video is the keyword you will associate with it. A keyword is a word or phrase that will describe what your video is about, it will also be part of what viewers type into YouTube’s search bar to find your video. Pick a keyword that is relevant to the content you create and include it in your video title along with the description.

Another important factor of YouTube SEO is making sure you’re using effective video tags that’ll help people find your video. Tags are similar to keywords and should describe your video but can be more general in the topic and more frequently used. The top 25% of channels on YouTube use twice as many video tags as the average channel. We recommend that you use anywhere from 10-15 tags, anything more than that and your videos may start to get penalized.

3. Dissect YouTube Analytics

YouTube Analytics is another free and powerful resource that you can leverage to increase your YouTube subscribers. YouTube Analytics enables creators to monitor the performance of their channel with a number of different metrics and reports. You can see your videos watch time, where your traffic is coming from, and the demographics of your viewers. One of the most important metrics you should pay attention to is the viewer engagement drop off data. Measuring this metric will allow you to see exactly where your videos are losing engagement which in turn will help you make the necessary changes to hold your audience. This data can also help you determine if your videos are too long or too short. Once you determine the ideal video length, YouTube Analytics can help you see what the best time to post your content is.

4. Tap Into The YouTube Community

Engaging with your YouTube community will not only help you find new YouTube subscribers but also strengthen the relationship with your current subscriber base. A great way to build your YouTube subscribers is by collaborating with other creators. Do some research to see which top creators are within your niche and are posting similar content as you and don’t be afraid to reach out. Instead of competing for video views, work together and build a mutually beneficial relationship. This relationship will allow both collaborators to tap into each others’ fan bases, often leading to greater exposure for previous and future content!

Don’t forget that the YouTube community is also your viewers, so you’ll want to make sure you are engaging with them on a daily basis. Interact with them by answering the comments they leave or give them shout-outs in your videos. Get your viewers to help you reach your YouTube subscriber goals by running a giveaway/contest. For example, invite your viewers to share your channel with their friends in exchange for a shot at winning a prize (i.e. video shout-out or custom merchandise).

5. Collaboration Is Key

As I was developing the video for the blog I mentioned above, a fellow YouTuber (who had a similar subscriber count) reached out to me and asked for a collab video. This was huge for my channel: not only was I establishing my first real colleague relationship on YouTube, but we were also making each other known to our subscribers. It meant more subs for both of us.

I hear a lot of complaints from YouTube creators about how their channels won’t take off because no one will give them a shout-out. But a shout-out is not a magic bullet. There are countless examples of channels that gained a lot of publicity that way and generated major growth in views, but a couple of months later the channel would be dead.

A shout-out works, but only if you keep putting in a lot of effort into your channel. You must consistently present the quality content that your new viewers expect. A very good strategy is to make regular collab videos with channels around your size and with the same goals and establish a long-term partnership.

6. Social Media Promotion

Most of the external sources of YouTube traffic are social media platforms. Facebook is the leading social media platform for YouTube video promotions. Create a dedicated page for your YouTube channel and post regularly. You can also post videos of other popular channels to keep the fans entertained with interesting posts.

You should do proper branding so that people take you seriously. When you collaborate with popular YouTubers, do ask them to share your social media page link so that your followers increase. You should arrange contest and giveaways to attract more and more followers to your page and eventually to your videos and channel.

7. Interact With Subscribers

Interacting with subscribers has been found to increase the chances of getting more subscribers. At the initial phase of your channel, you should take some time to interact with subscribers and have a friendly environment. You can ask them to share your videos and channel on their social media accounts. You can also arrange giveaways and contests to increase the interaction and get more people to your channel. Furthermore, their feedback can help you create better video content that will eventually get your more views and subscribers as you will be delivering what the audiences will demand.