7 Clever Ways You Can Use to Boost Your Twitter Retweets.

7 Clever Ways You Can Use to Boost Your Twitter Retweets.


So, you’ve been using Twitter for a while. You’ve mastered the basics, got to grips with hashtags and figured out who to follow.

Now: how do you get more retweets?

Answer: you have to do some work. You can’t just put anything out there and expect people to happily share it with friends, family and colleagues. It’s different for celebrities and it’s different for the big brands – they can get away with just about anything. For common or garden users such as you and me, the rules are different. Getting a lot of retweets takes work – a lot of it.

Thankfully, there are some shortcuts. Here are 10 easy ways to get more retweets.

1. Share original content

Everybody loves to be the first to retweet the new stuff. By reacting quickly to breaking news or creating original content you will automatically increase your chances of being retweeted.

 2. Tweet a lot

Seriously, if you’re tweeting 1-2 times per week nobody is (a) going to see your stuff which means that (b) you won’t get any retweets. The more you tweet the more people will notice you on Twitter and the more likely it is they will retweet your content (assuming it’s good). Unless you’re world famous anything less than five tweets per day is just not going to cut it – ideally, you want to be putting out 10-15 tweets per day, every day. And let the cream rise to the top.

3. Give the people what they want

Figure out exactly what it is that your Twitter followers expect from you. They followed you for a reason – give them what they want. Repeat.

4. Respond to mentions, retweets, and listings in time

The bigger your brand, the busier you will be on Twitter. Keep an eye on your users’ engagement with your messages and look out for mentions, retweets. Respond in time. Saying something as simple as “Thank you” will do the trick in most cases.

Actively engaging with your followers pays off in the long run. Responding personally will show that you care about what your followers do with your messages and what they have to say about them. Active engagement will also help you to get in contact with influencers and potential customers.

If you receive a negative response on Twitter, reacting right away should be your priority. After all, being open for discussion is an effective and powerful tactic to build a community and a positive image for your brand.

People who have received responses to direct mentions also tend to engage more actively with your content in the future.

A response as simple as this one shows commitment and will leave the other person with a positive image of your person or brand.

5. Retweet others

It has to work both ways. Retweet other people regularly and they’re far more likely to return the favor. 

It’s human nature to want to reciprocate when someone does something nice for you. And what could be nicer (on Twitter) than consistent retweets of your content?

So, if you make it a point to retweet others, you will get more retweets in return. You don’t want to have a broadcast-only mindset on Twitter.

Also, be strategic with how you go about retweeting. Don’t just go down your timeline and retweet any and everything.

First, think about who you would like to share your content. Aim for people who have an audience that your content appeals to and enough followers that you’ll get some great exposure if and when they do retweet you.

But also be realistic. Choose people who are actively retweeting others and are not too big. You can retweet celebrities until your finger falls off but you probably won’t see them reciprocate.

Once you know who you want to promote, put them in a Twitter list you can monitor on TweetDeck (or any other tool) so it’s easy to see and retweet their content.

By narrowing who you’re sharing with a select few, you’ll consistently show up in their notifications and, hopefully, start to form a relationship on Twitter. And who knows what kind of opportunities that will lead to!

6. Ask questions

Asking questions is a classic tactic you can find in every engagement guide. For a good reason – it simply works.

Everyone likes to be asked and to give an opinion. If you have an active community and engage regularly, asking questions will even work even better for you! If you show that your follower’s opinions matter to you, you can ask any question you like, even an absurd one and you will get a response.

When sharing links to your blog, always ask your audience for their opinion. To engage with your audience for your brand ask what they like about your product or service, or new features you are introducing. Ask your audience about their opinion on current events, trends or developments in your industry.

By getting feedback from your audience, you will not only boost your engagement but also get a better insight into what your customers are looking for.

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