How To Increase Your Spotify Followers

 How To Increase Your Spotify Followers

1. Add a ‘Follow’ Button on your Website

If you log into Spotify for Artists, click on ‘Tools’ to access the Follow button widget. Placing this code on your website will create a button that makes it easy for visitors to follow you on Spotify with a click of a button.
You can also embed a playlist to your website next to your follow button. Create a playlist with all of your music, your best songs or maybe latest releases on top. This gives visitors a clue that you’re on Spotify so they may be more likely to follow you. The only drawback with using Spotify as your website music player is they need a Spotify account to listen. Ideally for your website, you want to use an audio player like Bandcamp or SoundCloud so visitors can easily listen to your music.

2. Ask on Social Media

One of the first things you should do is ask your fans on social media to follow you on Spotify. Just saying, “hey follow me on Spotify” may not be the best way so try to be a little creative. At the very least, you should explain why following you benefits them and helps you as well. The main benefit to them is that they can get notifications when you have new music on Spotify, so they can be the first in the know or not miss out on your new releases.
Lastly, don’t forget to ask your friends and family too.

3. Send an Email to your Mailing List

Assuming you’ve been building an email list on an online platform like Mailchimp, send an email out to ask your fans to follow you on Spotify. Again, just asking may come off a bit boring so be creative. You can tie in an incentive like, “if I get x amount of followers, I will release a new song or video for you.”

4. Ask at Your Live Show

At some part of your set, maybe in the middle or towards the end, let fans know that they can follow you on Spotify if they like what they’re hearing. You can incentivize them with a discount of your merch if they show you that they followed you on Spotify.

5. Keep Creating Music

If you’re constantly putting new music on Spotify, you can condition people to just follow you naturally to keep up with your releases. It gives more reason and benefit for fans to do so. After all, harping on fans to follow you on Spotify when you’ve only posted 5 songs for the past couple years isn’t the most convincing or worthy of their time.

6. Playlisting

Create playlists around a theme where your own songs can be included in. Promote this playlist on social media and even your Spotify profile. Obviously, don’t fill it up with a bunch of your own songs, you want it to be a good mix that fits the theme. Share these playlists on social media and even tag some of the other artists you’ve included. The idea is to get others to like and share your playlists so it can give you some exposure to new audiences and ultimately some follows.
Side Note: In addition to getting Spotify followers, you want listeners to add your songs into their playlists. These metrics help Spotify determine what songs get added to their subscriber’s auto-generated playlists (Release Radar and Discover Weekly), which can give you additional exposure. There’s no real way to get people to do it other than ask or make good music that people will naturally put in their playlist.

7. Share your unique Spotify code

Spotify just introduced a new tool about six weeks back: an image with a QR code so your fans can scan directly to their phones and play your music instantly. (If you're familiar with Snapchat, it's similar to their Snapcodes.)
Imagine you’re playing a show where you have the opportunity to introduce new fans to your music. Set up a station at your merch booth with an iPhone or iPad so fans can scan the QR code directly to their phones. In addition, you can incorporate the code into traditional merchandise items like posters, postcards, and even your CD artwork