How To Rapidly Increase Instagram Video Views

How To Rapidly Increase Instagram Video Views


With the current digital market world, social media and video promotion are the most powerful ways to create your brand awareness and enhance your customer loyalty as well as enhancing your online availability. And, among the top effective social media platforms, Instagram is one of the powerful platforms when it comes to video marketing. Unfortunately, your videos cannot be self-promoted, if you want to expose your content to a wider audience and create a huge brand awareness you need to have some measures in place to increase your viewership. This post will guide you through the way to a successful free campaign on video promotion on Instagram.

Pre-edit Videos on a Computer

Android Smartphones and iPhones can capture high-resolution videos, but video editing apps still lack the features that video editing software provides. Pre-editing videos on a computer with popular software will enable you to produce videos that have 1:1 aspect ratios, or to stunning visual effects that will increase engagement. Furthermore, the videos edited on a computer will look more professional, because you can use it to add intros or create smooth transitions between the shots in your Instagram video.

Share Creative Content

If you are trying to turn loyal followers & new viewers into long-time Instagram Story subscribers. Then you need to start posting creative content. Although Instagram Stories was created to overtake their competitor SnapChat; which emphasizes candid shots and videos from everyday life. Posting on Instagram Stories can be much more professional. When creating content for Instagram Stories, treat them like a normal feed post. Of course, change the dimensions to 1080 pixels (width) by 1920 pixels(height), this also means an aspect ratio of 9:16. But make sure to have the well directed and edited.

Post On Peak Times

‘Strike when the Iron is hot.’ To get maximum views on your Instagram Video make sure that you post it on the right time. Peak time depends on factors like the type of product, target audience and brand image. Do a thorough research and determine which days and what time could be the best for reaching out to maximum viewers for e.g., if you are targeting working men and women for your product then evening would be apt, as by that time most of them are back home from work; if youth is a target then one can find a gush of viewers late at night and so on.

Buy some Instagram Views

You can also buy cheap Instagram views. Many Instagrammers use this method to easily and quickly increase the number of their views. This makes sense, especially if you are new on Instagram, as it truly gives you a boost right at the beginning of your career. Buying views should not hold you back from creating great content though. If your Instagram videos are only mediocre or are not of any value to your followers, you will not achieve anything in the long run. Many Instagram views simply cannot hide irrelevant content.

Write a Good Description

That’s a lot of writing about hashtags, but with good reason. Hashtags are the driving force behind a majority of your visitors. The trick, then, is to convince the people who see a thumbnail and a description to hit play and watch your whole video. One key component to convincing users to actually watch is your description. Up at the top of your video caption, you write the non-tag description in plain language.

Repost Your Best Videos

It’s important to be putting out fresh content on your social media profiles and blog posts, but don’t be afraid to recycle and repurpose your content as well. Take smaller snippets from longer videos that you have (interviews, demos, how-tos, tutorials) and post them to Instagram with a relevant hashtag. You can also repost a video from the past. A few months from now, you will have a new set of followers. Repost your most helpful videos to reinforce a particular message, area of expertise, or simply to get more views from new followers sharing your videos.

Use a Consistent Filter Scheme

Though it might sound frivolous, being consistent in your filtering scheme is one of the top ways to build your Instagram brand. Using the same set of filters (one or two!) for all of your photos helps you create and maintain a consistent visual identity on your Instagram account. This makes your photos instantly recognizable on your followers’ feeds, increasing recognition and getting you more consistent likes.

Use your Hash-tags Well

They are closely related to the niche your product is in and they, therefore, need to be active. Do some  thorough researches before you engage a hash-tag. You may also add a subject to the hash-tag. It, however, should be related to what you are posting. The subject, being visible to people who look for similar tags, helps you attract more views and subsequently more likes.

A creative video, rich content along with the above mentioned tips, is the perfect recipe for increasing the business visibility and getting more views on your Instagram video.