How to Use Twitter for Your Bussiness: Tips for Beginners in 2019

How to Use Twitter for Your Bussiness: Tips for Beginners in 2019

Twitter is an online news and social networking site where people communicate in short messages called tweets. Tweeting is posting short messages for anyone who follows you on Twitter, with the hope that your messages are useful and interesting to someone in your audience. Another description of Twitter and tweeting might be microblogging.

Some people use Twitter to discover interesting people and companies online, opting to follow their tweets.

#1. Signing Up.

First off pick a username for your Twitter ‘handle.’ Make it short and sweet and preferably identifiable to you or your business. Refrain from picking any silly names unless you’re starting a parody account that is. Next, you’ll want to add your bio information with a little bit about who you are and your interests to help people get to know more about you and whether they’d like to follow you. You can also include your location, website link and an avatar image which is a picture that will show up on your profile and next to all your tweets. Add some styling to your page with a neat background image, cover photo, and theme colors. Also, you can check out 12 of the best Twitter tutorials of all-time!

#2. Decide Your Purpose. (Why are You Using Twitter)

Some Twitter users utilize the social media site to build their company brand or generate leads. There are bloggers who use the platform to share ideas and articles and to see what others are writing about. Some people check Twitter for news, while others want to see what celebrities or friends are up to.

Defining your purpose will help you decide who to follow and what kind of information to share.

#3. Say It with Pictures.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so photos of your accomplishments make for great posts. In fact, research shows that tweets with photos get 313% more engagement. Use images like infographics with your tweets as often as you can. However, stay away from entertainment and recreation —  keep it professional. One example of using photos well is a beautician sharing before and after shots. Ask your client for permission, and take a before pic to post on Twitter.

Hooking this lovely lady up with a new #hairstyle and #nails today. Stay tuned for the results! Then post the after image with similar marketing language.

Image Tips:

  • Use a tripod or lean against the wall for stability and clearer shots.
  • Zoom with your body, not the camera. Digital zoom causes grainy photos.
  • Shoot photos in well-lit areas, preferably with lots of sunlight.
  • Watch for inappropriate tattoos and logos on shirts.

#4. Build Your Twitter Followers.

If your Twitter followers are engaged and well targeted, increasing their number can benefit your business. Social Quant is a tool that quickly increases your relevant Twitter followers by using data and analytics to find suitable users and conversations.

You can select keywords to target. As your follower numbers increase, you'll also get more engagement and clicks through to your website. You can learn more about how to build your Twitter followers at Get Genuine Followers on Twitter! (Quick Tips).

#5. Engaging on Twitter.

After you’ve followed a few people, look through your feed to see if there are any funny or helpful tweets. Now we’re going to let that person know you enjoyed their tweet. This is a great way to gain new followers and start connecting with people.

  • Reply to @emilygalik  – here you can write right back to her.
  • Retweet – if you like the tweet, you can retweet it. This means it shows up to all your other followers.
  • Favorite – This is just like the “like” button on Facebook.
  • More – If you click on this, you have the option of embedding the tweet directly onto your blog or emailing it to someone.

#6. Use Hashtags.

When you put a “#” in front of an unbroken word or phrase like this: #unbrokenwordorphrase, it creates a hashtag, and when you use it in a tweet, it becomes linked to all the other tweets that include it. Two of the best ways to use hashtags to promote your business are:

  • to research and use hashtags people are already using to talk about your brand and/or products
  • to use hashtags to highlight campaigns by creating a unique hashtag for each campaign. For instance, if you were trying to generate excitement about a sale, you might append a hashtag such as #wuffysonedaysale on all your relevant tweets.

#7. Repeat Your Tweets.

Yes, it’s unpopular with the social media purists, but if 94% of tweets are RT’d within the first hour, you need to tap into multiple Twitter audiences throughout the day. I tweet my blog posts 3 times daily, with a different headline each time. This becomes even more important if you have followers in many time zones.

#8. Get Feedback.

Another effective use for Twitter (and I guess a backdoor marketing technique) is to use Twitter to get feedback. If you have anything online that you’re needing comments or suggestions about, try sending out a Tweet. It could be a web design page you’ve just put together, a new blog, a new logo, a new video, or anything online. Just Tweet it out and see what people have to say about it.