Want To Increase Your Followers on Twitter? - Must Read!

Want To Increase Your Followers on Twitter? - Must Read!

Twitter is a capable tool for organizations when utilized accurately. It can enable you to create leads, harden your branding, and construct associations with your prospects. The inconvenience is, when you have no followers, you can’t encounter every one of these advantages.

It is not that having followers on Twitter is a matter of prestige and the followers are not just mere numbers. Followers on Twitter are of immense value to the business and it is seen that 36% of business persons believe that they have gained respected customers using Twitter. So, it would be better to increase the number of followers and have enhanced business opportunities.

Let us see how we can effectively increase the number of followers on the Twitter account that we have.


1. Write a Great Twitter Description.

What makes a good description? One that has some good keywords in it. Let them know what you're going to be tweeting about. The goal is to attract the right followers, right? So if you're tweeting for sous vide enthusiasts, make sure you mention it in your description so they know you'll be a valuable addition to their crowded feed. Also, try to keep it short. Have a URL to learn more (bonus points if it's trackable). Funny is good.

2. Spark a Conversation. 

Twitter is forever buzzing with activity, and many of the ongoing conversations might relate to something your company does, or to your brand. Don’t hesitate to join the discussion. Twitter conducts chats on particular days of the week, and joining in will help you increase your network and get in touch with more people who share the same interests, and love to discuss similar topics as you. Also, if you are tweeting out new information about a product, keep the sales pitches to a minimum, and make the conversation more personable. If you really want to engage your audience in a conversation, ask questions and opinions, take polls, or start contests that will make your followers want to interact with you.

3. Select the Right Photos.

First impressions are important, especially on Twitter. Given your profile is one of the first things people will see, it’s important to choose a profile picture and cover photo that can be identified when small. Whether one of your tweets pop up in someone’s timeline or someone searches for you specifically and previews your profile, you want them to be able to recognize you for you. Still, try not to overthink it.

For a personal account, it’s best to use a picture of your face for your profile picture. This could be an actual photo or an illustration; you just want something that shows off who you are. Your cover photo allows you to express yourself in a slightly larger format and can include banners from your latest project or your favorite vacation photo, among other things. You want to avoid forgoing a picture entirely, however, as this may lead people to think you’re a bot or spammer. Also, once you’ve picked the perfect pics, try not to change them too often, as you might confuse your followers.

4. Follow the Right People.

The best way to get Twitter followers is to follow other like-minded people on the social network.

Look for people in your industry and follow their Twitter accounts. When they get a notification that you've followed them, they may look at your account and follow you back. We recommend following smaller accounts when using this tactic as these accounts are more likely to see that you've followed them.

5. Add a Location to Your Twitter Bio.

Especially if your brand is geographically constrained to a particular neighborhood or city. You might be surprised at how engaged local influencers are. Whether they’re journalists, small businesses or local celebrities, you definitely want these people on board.

6. Follow Other Top Users in Your Niche.

Another tip is to keep an eye on updates from top twitter users in your list. Follow them and retweet when a tweet makes sense to you. Before you retweet, always edit and add a quote to it to make your share more meaningful. Like I mentioned above, use Twitter directories, you can use the same to find top people in your niche. 

People often suggest that you should auto follow other followers but I would recommend to stop doing such things to get followers on Twitter, instead of just following random people, follow people who tweet meaningful stuff. You will be amazed to see how people will start trusting you by viewing the follow/follower ratio. Or you can also try to Buy Twitter Followers for increasing your followers on Twitter.

7. Unfollow People Who Unfollow You.

Now, this isn’t exactly a way to get your followers to grow, but it’ll keep your feet clean of those who may not want to be part of this empire you’re building– because you are building an empire, right?

Basically, there’s this unsaid code of honor in the realm of social media that it’s pretty rude to follow people to get a follow back only to unfollow them a few days later. That is a NO NO. Don’t do it, and don’t think about it. If someone does this to you, then unfollow them!

8. Use Hashtags.

Hashtags are a magical, magical thing. They can be used to be sassy, to further explain a point, or to put more eyes on your tweet. Using hashtags that are trending is a great way to get more readers because your tweets will come up if someone else is searching for that particular tag. It’s also nice to be a part of the conversation and to get the opportunity to connect with people who may have similar interests or opinions as you.

It is entirely possible to overdo it with hashtags, however, especially on Twitter. While it may be fine to attach 10 or 15 hashtags to a post on Instagram, you should keep it to one or two on Twitter. Don’t #hashtag everything #in #your #tweet. Not only does it make your tweets hard to read, but no one is going to be searching for most of these terms and it could end up making you look ridiculous. Tweeting about trending topics can help you build your audience, but if nothing really strikes your fancy, you can always try making something up on your own.