Now Get 1000+ Likes on FB Photos or Status[Tips for 2019]

Now Get 1000+ Likes on FB Photos or Status[Tips for 2019]

 Among the social networks where you could build a presence for your business today, Facebook is king. With over a billion active users, Facebook can help you reach an audience you might want to target, anywhere in the world.

While the social network has some of the most sophisticated ad targeting tools in existence, today’s post will be focused not on creating Facebook ads, but on free, quick, and easy ways to grow your posts likes.

1. Know the Best Timing.

Timing is vital when it comes to publishing posts on any social media platform. It’s important to know what time your audience uses the social media network. For instance, if you publish your posts when people are at work or asleep, you are likely to reach a very small population.

Most people use Facebook after work. Others use it while they are in transit. This is the time that the majority of people are likely to see your updates. In short, the best time is noon and a few minutes after 7 pm.

2. Create Shareable Content.

Content is good but shareable content… Now that’s golden. Shareable content is so important because it is great content. It is so good that people don’t want to just give it alike, they want to share it on their page to their friends whom they trust. The content your fans share becomes a part of their identity. It gives insight into who they are and what they like. And most importantly, it shows their support for you.

Shareable content increases likes because it puts your brand and your name in front of more people. Specifically, it puts your brand in front of people that aren’t currently your fan. Hopefully, if the message resonates with these people you are going to gain likes and fans all at once.

3. Engage Your Audience.

Have you ever been on a date with someone who spent the entire time talking about how great they are? They probably didn’t get a second date. When running your social media, think about behaving as you would on a date. Your goal is to engage your audience. You want them to respond, so start conversations that others will enjoy participating in. Don’t self-promote the entire time.

Engagement is more important than ever on Facebook. One great way to encourage engagement is to ask questions, as Wayfair did with the image above. According to Kissmetrics, “question” posts receive 100% more comments than non-question posts. Ask a trivia question or use a fill-in-the-blank technique. Here’s a list of questions to get you started.

Also, it is imperative that you are responding to any questions on your Facebookpage and posts. Not only does it show attentiveness to your customers and that you care about their experience, but it is also widely acknowledged that comments are now the most important engagement measurement in the Facebook algorithm.

4. Use Questions to Increase Facebook Likes.  

Asking questions on Facebook have been a great source of quality engagement. Status with questions in them gets likes instantly. this is because likes are the best way to show a quick nod. Facebook likes are the simplest and easiest ways to say yesses, I-agrees and Me toos.

Moreover, people eagerly add their opinions via comments. So, asking questions on Facebook not only is an easy way to get maximum likes, but also a working trick to increase your organic reach by enhancing engagement on your statuses.

You don’t need to ask difficult academic questions to people, simply asking fun and interest related questions will do the job. Start with questions like:

  • Are you a morning person or a night owl. Like for the first and comment for a second.
  • What is your favorite dinner, tacos or pizzas?
  • You can ask work-related questions like how many emails you get in one day or even better ask them to share their computer screensaver for that day.
  • Fill in the blanks work so very well, just hit the sweet spot.

5. Use Photos Smartly.

Another important tip that guides on How to get likes on Facebook to suggest is the impressive and smart use of photos on Facebook. A picture is worth a thousand words’, so use your pictures well to tell the story of your brand. Photos are successful in grabbing people’s attention 10 times faster than that of status updates or posts.

Photos need less time to be processed and you should choose those which are appealing, relevant and interactive. Photo posts are considered best for building awareness or sparking engagement for your brand.

If you have been in search of how to get like on Facebook then according to the study of Management Science Journal, photo posts on Facebook will impressively increase the number of comments and likes for you.

6. Post Consistently.

I know, check any list like this one, for any social network, and it’s sure to extoll the values of sharing consistently. But I’ll emphasize it here, too, because it is true. Regularly publishing on your Facebook page keeps you at the forefront of your users’ minds, and if they tend to engage with your posts and learn to recognize them, they may be more likely to engage again in the future.

But it is all too easy for other tasks to get in the way of consistently sharing on Facebook. Posting on your Facebook page isn’t quite as easy as dashing off a tweet – you need to come up with a short but witty comment, sure, but then you have to make sure your image(s) look compelling and your title and description are optimized. All of this comes together to make a posting on Facebook a procrastination target.

Evade this behavior by getting the bulk of your updates out there in bulk. (See what I did there?) Create a content calendar each month, or even a regular sharing rotation, where your best content comes back in different ways every so often. Then, schedule ahead these updates using the Facebook scheduling tool.

7. Work on Your Posts.

Make your posts insanely interesting but keep it relevant. Further, analyzing your audience with tools like Facebook insights will help you to get a brief idea about content liked by your audience. Hence, identify those content with maximum reach and repeat such posts more often. Moreover, do not be sporadic in posting contents as it gives a wrong impression of you being too casual with your Facebook business page. Also, ensure that ‘like’ and ‘share’ buttons are included in every post. Offering valuable content to your prospects will trigger discussion and eventually gather more likes and shares.

8. Tag Yourself in Your Photos.

This tip is so easy that you will be hitting yourself for not doing it sooner. Tag yourself in every single photo & photo post in which it makes sense to use your name. It’s not redundant. It’s smart and here’s why:

Assuming your content is good and shareable, it is going to show up on the newsfeed of others. When someone shares it, your fan page will be linked in the “shared” section as well as in the image your fan shared.