​​​​​​​8 Time-Proven Ways To Increase Your Retweets On Twitter

​​​​​​​8 Time-Proven Ways To Increase Your Retweets On Twitter

Wondering how you can get more retweets and what you can do to boost your chances of getting retweeted? Pulling in all the latest research as well as experience of factors that consistently lead to retweets, here are the compiled list of 8 quick and easy ways to get more retweets:

#1 Understand Your Audience First!

People follow others who they consider to be thought leaders in their industry. They look for and retweet content that is credible, intelligent and valuable to them, so make sure your tweets speak to that desire. Take the time to craft thoughtful, grammatically correct tweets that will resonate with your target audience. And use language and phrases that your followers would actually use, not dry or awkward marketing language. Make sure you check out your Twitter analytics to get an idea of the base.

#2 Tweet Length Optimization

If you are looking for retweets, you will want to make sure your tweet isn’t so long that people will need to edit it for retweeting. According to some research, 71-100 characters is the optimal length in terms of getting retweets.

#3 Using Pictures in Tweets

Tweets with pictures receive far more retweets than those without! In fact, they receive an average of .404 retweets, compared to .0133 for those without. In particular, you will want to tweet Twitter pictures, as opposed to Facebook or Instagram pictures. These tweets are actually less likely to be retweeted!

#4 Use links

The next time you tweet out something, try to embed links in your post. Whether it’s news, sports, or celebrity updates, people will put some effort in staying up to date with their interests. Recent studies have also shown that links to instructional posts get the most amount of retweets as well. The main problem is, 140 characters is not enough content for your followers. So by satisfying your audience’s curiosity, you can motivate them to pay you back by sharing your tweet out to their friends.

#5 Know when to tweet

Twitter is time-sensitive. Even with Twitter’s new algorithm, only the beginning of the user’s stream is affected. And it’s optional. That means you’re still relying largely on timing to get your content seen. You’ll make the greatest impact on Twitter when your target audience is engaged.

#6 Create Twitter Polls To Engage more Followers

People are often willing to provide you their opinion—and this is especially true on social media networks. Twitter polls are a great way to engage your followers and obtain valuable information about your customer base. It also shows your followers that you care about their opinions, which in turn helps to build trust and loyalty, further strengthening your brand identity and reputation.

#7 Use Inspirational Quotes if Possible

Inspirational quotes can make powerful content. When people see a quote that resonates with them they tend to share it. Choose your quotes carefully and create attractive images to accompany them and you will maximize the sharing potential of your posts.

#8 Ask People for Retweets

This is almost too easy to seem real, but article after article states this. By simply asking people to retweet or favorite your post, you will increase your engagement rate. According to HubSpot’s “Science of Social Media” research, using the words “Please ReTweet” in your tweets will generate 4x more retweets!

We get that small business may find it tough getting their name discovered among so many social media accounts. But if you consider some or all of these Twitter tactics, you have a better chance of getting more eyes on your tweets. You can also opt to buy some real twitter retweets to increase your exposure and engagement on twitter!