Quick ways to Get More Facebook Likes

Quick ways to Get More Facebook Likes

1. Create shareable content

One important element of growing your online community involves creating content that is easy for your followers and fans to share. Writing quality blog posts, posting content regularly and adding social media tags to your website pages are just a few options for creating more shareable content.

2. Post consistently on social media

Your followers will not have content to share and new fans will not have content to engage your nonprofit with if you are not posting consistently. If your nonprofit is on Facebook, consider posting 3–5 times a week during active hours. Twitter moves much faster than Facebook, and users will not always see a Tweet you posted in the morning during their afternoon scan. If your nonprofit is using Twitter, consider posting 2–4 times a day.

3. Ask your fans to share

You might be surprised at how effective it is to simply add, “Share this event with your friends” on your social media post. Telling your fans clearly what you want them to do, such as sharing your post with their friends, to help increase engagement and reach new fans.

4. “Like” other pages from your nonprofit business page

Don’t forget to “like” other business pages from your nonprofit Facebook business page or Twitter account. You can be liking other community businesses, causes that your nonprofit partners with, local media outlets and more. Liking their pages will show that you endorse their business and you would like to establish a relationship.

5. Engage your followers from your nonprofit account

Your nonprofit should be engaging and communicating in real-time with your followers. While it is always a helpful option to be scheduling regular daily content ahead of time, your followers want to see that there is actually a person behind the account who will answer their questions and interact with them.

6. Remind your current supporters and volunteers

There may be many of your current donors and volunteers who are not following your nonprofit on social media. Remind these current supporters during fundraiser events or at the end of your monthly email campaign to follow your nonprofit page on social media and share with their friends. Inform them that following your pages will help keep them up-to-date on events and opportunities.

7. Consider holding a Facebook contest

Social media contests are a great way to build your fan base, spark interest in your cause and encourage engagement. Your nonprofit can host a giveaway, where people must like your page and enter their email on the website in order to enter a drawing for the prize. Another fun option is to host a photo contest, where fans of your page can submit a photo for a theme, and then followers are able to vote for their favorite.

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