SEO vs. PPC: Which is Better for Your Business?

SEO vs. PPC: Which is Better for Your Business?

Do you have a new business and are not sure about how to begin promoting it? Are you thinking about expanding the company's current marketing efforts to digital? If the answer to these questions is yes, you probably find yourself in the frustrating situation of questions leading to more questions, with the original questions still needing answers. What are SEO and PPC? Which one should I use? What should I expect? Are they the same thing?

SEO / Search Engine Optimization

SEO is often referred to as “organic” or “natural” lead generation. Generally speaking, SEO consists of optimizing your web pages to enhance their position in the naturally occurring search results. Organic SEO consists of making sure the search engine spiders can crawl and understand what is on your web pages and so that, ideally, they’ll rank your site higher than your competitors.

Advantages of Organic SEO

1. Organic SEO is very cost effective: The labor costs of setting up and managing a PPC campaign are usually the same or even more than the labor costs of SEO, but then there are the continuous click charges you pay after set-up.
2. Organic SEO is long lasting: A properly optimized site can maintain a high position in the search results long after a PPC campaign has been turned off.
3. Benefit of lasting results from your SEO campaign: Search engine positioning is relatively stable whereas PPC ad positions continuously change according to your competitors’ bidding tactics. A well-optimized site with good link authority and excellent content can hold its search engine position if you need to step away from SEO for a month.

Drawbacks of SEO

1. Difficulty of Competitive Keywords: Your competitors are likely trying to rank on the same keywords as you are, and if there are major corporations in your market you likely won’t be able to beat out their domination over general keywords.
2. Results Take Time: SEO is very slow compared to PPC. It can take months after you optimize your site to start seeing results, whereas PPC will start getting you leads immediately.
3. Algorithms: Search engines, and Google especially, frequently update their algorithms to get more accurate results. While these updates are meant to help consumers get better results, even small changes in the algorithm can move your website from the first position to somewhere on the third page.

PPC / Pay-Per-Click Advertising

When you buy visitors or “clicks” from Google or other search engines it is called pay-per-click (PPC) search engine advertising. PPC allows you to quickly leverage search engine traffic by paying or bidding for keywords related to what you are selling or a service you’re providing.

Advantages of PPC Advertising

1. No waiting: Once your PPC campaign starts, you’ll immediately start to see more traffic, clicks, and conversions. SEO can take months before you start to see your site moving up the search engine results.
2. PPC is scalable and controllable: You set your budget and have a decent idea of how many leads are you getting in return. This, in turn, helps you estimate an accurate budget for your digital marketing. SEO is not so cut and dry, and it can take longer or require more money if the industry or location your business needs to rank for is very competitive.

3. Reaching the right audience: When running a PPC campaign you choose where and when your ads will appear based on a number of factors including keywords, location, website, device, time and date and much more. The flexibility that you have allows you to segment your market and bring your products and services in front of the right audience.

Drawbacks of PPC

1. PPC can be quite complicated: PPC and other digital marketing methods are all not easy including SEO. In PPC since there are a lot of variables involve and you will lose a lot of money if you are not careful, businesses find it rather difficult compare to other digital marketing strategies.
2. Advertsing Is Really Expensive: There are many of misguided people who get wasted their thousand dollars of their budget on AdWords in just a single day because they were advertising for any non-profitable keywords and doesn’t bother that they are paying for each and every incoming click, that also doesn’t guarantee any revenue conversion.
3. People are doubtful of advertising: It is a hard reality that people all around the world have become dubious about advertising, including PPC. Users see marketing efforts negatively as they know that you are trying to advertise for selling any article.

SEO vs. PPC: Which is Better in the Long Run?

Your business will definitely do well if you invest the time and energy into creating SEO advertising that targets your audiences. There are also case studies that have proven SEO is better than PPC, so there’s no need to worry about it. Although it may take some time to see your SEO effort, but it will be worth it for your business. PPC is fast, but how long will it last? Remember the vast scope and inevitable limitations of your business, remember that your local customers still want the local, targeted service you provide, and your online SEO marketing will be so much more successful than you could ever have imagined.

There is a lot to take into consideration when deciding between SEO vs PPC. They are both viable options to help you grow your business. Now that you know some of the basics and the lingo you’re ready to get started optimizing your site and running ads! Don’t think you have time time to do it on your own? Give SEO Ninja Softwares a try! With more than 5000+ satisfied clients and over 2000+ raving fans, our search engine optimization skills have been proven to help businesses just like yours find success online. We offer
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