Smart Ways To Get More Likes on YouTube in 2019

Smart Ways To Get More Likes on YouTube in 2019

YouTube is considered as one of the most imperative and advanced marketing strategies to make yourself popular through posted videos. There are some strategies that need to be followed if you want more and YouTube Followers. It is handy mainly for artists and music brands to enhance the popularity of their video content, which thereby, make them eminent among rest of the world population.

YouTube is majorly subjugated by music, as out of the number of videos viewed on per day basis, major portion gets occupied by music videos. But, it is also true that getting an audience for your videos is a bit arduous on YouTube, as it is indubitably one of the hardest social networks. Taking this thing into consideration, many people are now using different tricks to increase the visibility of their video(s) on the platform.

If you are also one among those, who are experiencing some trouble in getting the expected number of views for their video(s), following are some useful tips for you to increase the number.

1. Add Content that is Naturally Likable.

Analysis of the most liked YouTube videos tell us that they do at least one of these things: they are entertaining, viewers can learn something useful from watching, or it provokes an emotional response (think cute kitten videos). Competing with all other uploaders means you need to get this part right to solicit extra likes. Make sure that the information given is easy to follow ad understand, accurate, and if possible unique.

2. Customize thumbnails!

Make something that will catch someone’s eye, usually, big colorful bright words stick out and scream HEY CLICK ME! THIS VIDEO IS AWESOME! DO IT! Use a highlight spot of your video as a thumbnail, if you have some editing experience then you have the advantage to make it look awesome. Get credit folks because this is the face for your video.

3. Appropriate Description and Tags of the Video.

Another notable thing is that one should describe his/her video(s) thoroughly to increase the number of views. The description of the video should be accurate, precise and captivating. In simple terms, we can say that the description of the video should be what people exactly want. After the description, another important thing that makes your video(s) easily accessible for other people is the usage of Tags.

Tags exactly notify whether your video is relevant in terms of what viewers looking for as well as help in deciding which video should come up on top in Google’s Video Search results. So, at the time of preparing a list of tags for your video(s), ensure that you are using all possible keywords from the title and description in the “tags” section to elevate viewer’s interest. The more relevant tags you use for your video, more frequently it will flash on the search results.

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For example – if you are uploading a funny video of cute babies of dogs, you can use words like Cute, Dog, and Funny, for tags. In addition, if your video is in reference to the themes from the news, popular culture or other artists, you also need to ensure that they are also in your tag list.

4. Ask People to Like the Video.

If asked directly most people who viewed your video (and who enjoyed it) will go on to like it too. They probably would have anyhow but this avoids the hiccups like them getting distracted and forgetting. You can do this in the comments, but it is more effective in with either a message on the screen or a polite voiceover.

Don’t forget to mention why you are asking for likes. You could mention it boosts your motivation, helps you to know what people like and want more of, or whatever feels right for you.

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5. Create Quality Content.

First and foremost, you must create content that is likable to help gain likes. You can’t simply post a commercial and expect people to give it the thumbs up. Create content that draws viewers in, entertains or educates them. Answer questions, solve common problems or give valuable information. Offer free industry tips to gain viewer trust and loyalty – for example, if you’re running an exterminating business, make videos on bug-proofing the home or identifying a pest problem. The more informative, entertaining and helpful your videos are, the more likely viewers are to like them.

6. Post Content that People Want to Watch.

It may seem obvious, but you probably need to seriously assess your videos with one question – “Are my videos watch-able?” You might feel that your YouTube videos are entertaining because you made them, but others might not feel the same way. Make sure your videos are something that users would want to stick around and watch the entirety of. Search popular videos and note what sets them apart from similar videos in their same niche.

7. Boost Your Subscriber Figures.

It makes sense that the more people who follow your channel the more chance you have of getting views and likes. It’s not always easy to boost the number of subscribers but you can try the following ideas: ask viewers to subscribe, using the same reasoning as asking for likes; post regular content so people begin to look forward to new videos; spread the word via other social media channels. People need to know who and where you are to like or subscribe.

8. Social Media Sharing.

You probably have a profile for every social media out there right. Put them to use. You sharing your masterpiece can be done with a few easy clicks of the mouse so no excuse to not share. Networking equals more views, subscriptions, and likes.

End screen call to action helps viewers check out your other content and lures them to your page which will most likely make them subscribe. Giving them a good twenty seconds before the end of the video should be enough time to grab their attention.

Some of these tips will work but remember, it also takes some time to see some increased traffic for your video content. Be patient, keep those videos coming out while practicing some of these methods I mentioned and sooner rather than later you will see a huge difference in your subs, views, and likes.