SoundCloud Promotion: 8 Tips To Actually Get Your Music Heard!

SoundCloud Promotion: 8 Tips To Actually Get Your Music Heard!

Part of the main ethos behind SoundCloud which allows it to function is the idea of its users sharing and engaging with each other not just on a musical level, but also sharing common interests and ideas. As an artist, this can make for the perfect environment in which to build and grow a community of both fans and fellow creators. The heart of SoundCloud is its deeply engaged community of creators who share the sounds they create with each another and the world. SoundCloud is not only about sharing sounds but also about sharing common interests, attitudes, goals and connecting with people who share your passion. Listed below are few easy-to-use solid tips that could be used by promising artists to increase SoundCloud Plays and leverage their fan base!

#1 Don’t Forget to Add a Bio!

If your bio is blank you’re leaving out the people who want to know more about you. Remember sitting around reading the stories of how your favorite bands met and formed? Nothing has changed, fans still want that information, but they look for it in your SoundCloud profile now – not on the album sleeve.

#2 Make some EPIC Music!

It’s about time to finish your loops or any unfinished projects. Don’t be to afraid of fans commenting on your music. This will help you grow and receive the necessary feedback to continue making complete projects. Spend time making your music sound its best. Don’t be too repetitive or make it much more difficult for people to listen to. Make sure your music speaks to you and it will certainly have a similar effect to your potential fans thus helping you get more followers and plays on SoundCloud!

#3 Music Covers are Important!

Cover is important, especially on SoundCloud. Your album or track cover represents your music no matter where it is played. When your track appears on a blog, you first see the cover. If you share your track on Facebook, the cover is included. So it’s damn important! Before someone presses play, your cover must stand out. It is best to use JPGs or PNGs with at least 800 x 800 pixels. Cover is a good reason to invest a little money in your project. If you can not design it yourself, hire a designer or photographer who fits your budget.

#4 Use Comments to Your Advantage!

Consider leaving a call to action in your track description. If you’re looking for comments or constructive criticism, simply ask for that in the description. This not only helps you to get better but also encourages others to interact with your track, which will make a bigger impression on them. Remember that any comments you receive, it’s always a good idea reply to them. They could help you build relationships and develop further collaborations.

#5 Successful Tagging can help too!

How can fans find your music? One of the best ways is to tag your music. Tagging makes it possible to find you when a listener is looking for you on SoundCloud. The better your tags, the easier you are to find them. If you’ve done a Drum & Bass track, tag it with the Drum & Bass genre. Also tagging moods and places can be helpful. Stick to a main genre to simplify matters. More genres do not increase the chance of being found. The more accurate your tags, the easier your music will be discovered by those who want to hear it.

#6 Create a Favorite List!

This is your opportunity to connect with your fans and show them the music you enjoy. To really make it work, contact the bands you add and let them know. They just may check you out and add you to their own list. Think of it as being their supporting act as you build an audience.

#7 Purchase Some Plays!

A standout amongst the best and surefire approaches to give a lift to your popularity perception is through purchasing plays. Most importantly, purchasing plays will clearly build the number of plays for your music. In any case, less clearly, it will likewise give social believability to your music since tracks with higher quantities of plays are considered of higher quality. At the point when individuals see that a considerable measure of other individuals has turned into your music, they will probably need to hear it out themselves. This will make a positive feedback loop where more individuals will discover your music every day. So You Can Buy SoundCloud Plays, For Your Popularity.

#8 Share Your Music Publicly!

SoundCloud was designed to be the simplest way to store your tracks in one place and “push them out” to social networks, blogs, etc. You can easily share single tracks or “sets” (a playlist of songs that all appear in one waveform player) to FacebookTwitterTumblr, and more– or embed the SoundCloud player manually! Just click the “share” button on the player to get started sharing your music with the world.