The Ultimate Ways To Increase Plays on Soundcloud

The Ultimate Ways To Increase Plays on Soundcloud


Musicians love music. You can’t solely focus on your own music if you want to create exposure for your own. There are other artists out there making similar music to yours — or at least music within the same genre as yours. Find these musicians and give them props for what they’re doing. By networking with others, you own music will start to get plays — even if it’s just from other artists that you’ve connected with. As you probably know, plays beget plays on Soundcloud, so this exposure can only be good for you. If you need more visibility in Soundcloud, you should find out how to increase Soundcloud plays.

1. Easy Profile Description

I’ve seen so many producers and artists write large paragraph descriptions about their mission. It’s tough to carry someones attention so they can understand a tweet, much much less an extended mission description. The perfect ones I’ve seen are easy, have just a few hyperlinks out to their socials, and have an email contact.

2. Use Your Header Image to Highlight Recent Releases

The header image is displayed at the top of your page. Using this huge digital space to push your latest album, rather than just being a bland photo of your band or yourself. With new tracks from the album right there on his SoundCloud account, you can be sure he gets more SoundCloud plays for free as people get curious about the new album. He also changed out his old profile picture for the new one he’s using to hype this album.

3. Using Soundcloud Charts

This one is simple. Make sure your tags in your song is identical to whichever chart on SoundCloud you want to chart within. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve seen a track blow up but because the only tag on the track is something like Pizza Pappy it doesn’t make it into the charts. Believe it or not, something as simple as tagging your song “electronic” can make a HUGE difference in its success should you find yourself fortunate enough to have charted on SoundCloud.

4. Images and Descriptions are Especially Powerful

Don’t push the cover art and description down to the bottom of the priority list. You should use high-resolution images and upload and resize them to fit within the confines. In addition, the description is a clean slate that allows you to be as descriptive and creative as you want. Tell your listeners the story of the audio you’ve uploaded. In the description you can add the “backstory, credits, lyrics, gear lists, or guest lists,” adds the blog post.

5. Share your music on Social Websites

Always share your music. This way it will reach a large number of people and they would come to know about it. Use social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and others to share it.

6. Make Quality music regularly

If you never finish any of your loops and WiPs, or if you’re too scared of criticism, then you’re not going to get far. You have to force yourself to COMPLETE your tracks, and spend the time to make them sound awesome – they should not be too repetitive, they should not be overly complicated and difficult to listen to, they should make people feel something, whether it’s excitement or despair – whatever your intention is with the track. You get the idea – make the best music you can, and make loads of it.

7. Purchase Plays

A standout amongst the best and surefire approaches to give a lift to your popularity perception is through purchasing plays. Most importantly, purchasing plays will clearly build the number of plays for your music. In any case, less clearly, it will likewise give social believability to your music since tracks with higher quantities of plays are considered of higher quality. At the point when individuals see that a considerable measure of other individuals has turned into your music, they will probably need to hear it out themselves. This will make a positive feedback loop where more individuals will discover your music every day. So You Can Buy SoundCloud Plays, For Your Popularity.