Top 5 Ways To Enhance Your Instagram Stories And Make The Most Out Of Them

Top 5 Ways To Enhance Your Instagram Stories And Make The Most Out Of Them

In the current state of social media marketing, it’s all about engaging the audience you currently have. It’s not always about the views or reach of our activities, but more about how many people are taking action when they see your posts. Instagram has quickly become a favorite social media channel for many people. Every day, millions of people share their pictures through their Instagram profiles. The platform has also become very competitive, especially for aspiring influencers who are aiming to increase following and boost engagement rates.

Why bother with Instagram Stories?

Stories are a quick, engaging format perfectly suited for mobile experiences. Brands have taken notice, with Instagram’s data showing that a third of the most viewed stories on the platform were created by businesses. Every day, over 300 million people use Instagram Stories, the Snapchat-like feature that creates photo and video sequences that disappear 24 hours after being posted. That’s good news for the millions of business profiles on the platform because, on average, one in five Stories gets a direct message. And when a potential customer reaches out to your business on Instagram, that’s a lead.

For those who want to establish their online presence and let their respective brands be better known through this platform, here are a few ways to enhance your Instagram stories and make the most out of them:

1. Make your own Instagram Story Highlights

Story highlights allow you to pick videos and pics from your Story that you to feature on your Instagram profile. Instagram Stories are great, but they disappear after 24 hours. With Highlights, you and your audience can enjoy them permanently. As you’re creating  Highlights, consider breaking them up and organizing them into different topics. This makes it easy for the user to check out exactly what they are interested in.

2. Conduct Polls

Polls are incredibly easy to set up and fun to work with. Also, they may help you to get important and valuable information from your audience. It’s because they open up a new two-way communication channel with your audience. Through polls, you can let people decide on certain aspects of your product or service, answer questions and, at the same time, learn more about their preferences regarding certain topics. You can also use the polls and other similar tags and combine them using your creativity.

3. Use Prompts

Sometimes you have to tell people what you want them to do. In the case of Instagram Stories engagement, you can relevant use prompts to increase time spent on your story, or retain viewership through a multiple tile story. Here’s how:

  • Hold To Read- Try adding longer text messages to your Stories posts, and prompting viewers to “hold to read” the full content.
  • Tap For More- Start your Instagram Story with a tile which asks a question, and add “Tap for more” after the question. The next tile (or few tiles) can be videos of you giving information, or static images of the relevant info.
  • Get Ready To- The “get ready to” prompt can create anticipation and excitement, and help you set the tone for what’s coming next. You can prepare your audience to take a screenshot of the next slide, turn their screens horizontally, or even just simply turn their sound on.

4. Deliver a download

Giving away a free eBook, worksheet, or another downloadable piece of content is one of the oldest tricks for growing your newsletter. “Give me your email and I’ll send this free professional guide to Facebook ads.” Sounds familiar, right? You can use this similar technique to deliver a download with your Instagram story. But instead of driving people to a landing page, include a call to action asking users to DM you their email address (“Send me a DM with your email and I’ll send you the eBook”). If you’re managing an Instagram-based campaign, you could go with something like, “If you want the eBook, DM me and I’ll send you the link.” It gives you an opportunity to build a relationship. Trading DMs with your followers feels more authentic and personal than shooting people an eBook through a landing page or email.

5. Try utilizing all the available Instagram Story features

Instagram Stories offers its users a lot more features than you may realize, ranging from various design filters for the text to tools for the indication of location. Taking the time to get accustomed to all of it essentially means that you’ll have far more tools at your disposal whenever you upload new content for your Stories, allowing you a level of creativity and versatility that you wouldn’t have had access to otherwise and should result in generating the engagement that you desire from your audience.


Instagram is continuously reinventing itself and evolving. The app is no longer just a photo sharing app, it has grown to be more than that. It offers many opportunities to showcase your individuality and creativity. Now since you know the top 5 ways to enhance your Instagram stories, go ahead and get started. These tips are very simple to implement. But when done correctly, they can increase your followers and boost your engagement.

Do you know of any other effective ways to make your Instagram pictures stand out and increase engagement rates? If so, please share your thoughts in the comments below!