Top 8 Ways to Get More Views on Your YouTube Videos

Top 8 Ways to Get More Views on Your YouTube Videos

1. Focus on Quality:

No one wants to watch lame videos. Make sure you’re making a video you and your friends would want to watch before spending effort and money promoting it. The better the video, the easier it will be to get seen.

2. Take Advantage of Keywords in Video Titles and Descriptions:

Using the right keywords can really help you with getting on top of the YouTubesearch page. In fact, this is one of the most important things every YouTuber needs to do to ensure the popularity of their videos.

This starts by doing a proper keyword research, which requires using certain tools. There are dozens of superb keyword research tools out there, but most of them require a paid subscription. The good news is that you can use GoogleKeyword Planner without paying!

You need to find the keywords that are related to your channel’s niche. They need to be very popular among users. This means that you should focus on those that have a lot of monthly searches. Our advice is to stick to those of minimum 1000 searches per month!

But, that’s not the only factor that you should take into consideration. You also need to make sure that the competition for those keywords is low by searching for them on YouTube! Otherwise, you won’t be able to beat your rivals. Once you’re done with the keyword research, it’s time to put them in the titles and descriptions of your videos!

A keyword-rich title will allow YouTube algorithms to find the video easier, but will also help potential viewers to realize if that’s what they’re looking for. Basically, optimizing the titles with keywords means informing both the search engine and the users what your video is all about!

The whole point of titles is to be descriptive, yet concise. That’s not the case with video descriptions. You can use them to provide additional information about your videos and engage the users to comment and/or check out other videos on your channel. Of course, writing a video description is another great way to influence the search engine algorithms into putting it on the top of the results page.

3. Develop a theme:

This step will make or break your Youtube success. It can be very easy to want to create a Youtube channel and post anything for views. Don’t do it. The first channel I created was comprised of cover music videos, Facebook Marketing Tips, and investment tutorials. (What was I thinking?)

That immediately got me a plethora of comments regarding the irrelevancy my channel had as a whole and discouraged me from posting any more videos. Think about it, what do all the top Youtube channels have in common? They stick to a theme. Tyler Ward sticks to music, Jenna Marbles sticks to humor, Epic Rap Battles of History sticks to remixes; the list goes on.

So, before you begin creating videos, find your common them and stick to it.

4. Use Keywords for Tags:

Another way to improve the ranking of your videos on YouTube is to use the video tags. The whole point of tags is to explain what the content of your video is all about. Keyword-rich tags will provide the search algorithm with all the necessary information.

The best thing about this is that using tags is pretty simple. All you got to do is type in the keywords exactly as they are. Make sure not to over-do this type of SEO and keep it as natural as possible.

5. Choose a Good Thumbnail:

If you allow YouTube to automatically choose your thumbnail, it probably won’t be very interesting. Use your computer’s screenshot feature to capture an image from your video that is emotionally compelling, and upload it in your video settings.

6. Sharing Your Videos on Social Media Websites:

Another great technique to get more views on your youtube videos is to share your video on other social media platforms, i.e., FacebookGoogle+Pinterest and Twitter. While this may seem obvious, it’s a very simple and highly effective strategy that many video entrepreneurs and video makers forget. When you share your video on social media, be sure to include a message that instructs your audience to share it with everyone who they think would enjoy it.  These additional shares will allow you to reach even more people.

Beyond the viral nature of getting your social network to “like, comment and share” your video content, there’s a technical side, too. Search engines, like Google and YouTube, are able to process each act of engagement with your content; collectively these are called “social signals” and they’re important because they essentially demonstrate that your content is important, engaging or worth sharing. If you want to rank your videos higher in Google Search and YouTube, you will need a healthy mix of backlinks and social signals pointing to your video content.

7. Track Mentions And Listen To Your Audience:

People visit YouTube because they want to be entertained and educated. It has become the go-to platform for most people as they essentially go there to find solutions to their problems. So, if you want people flocking to your YouTube channel, you should be able to create epic content that they will surely love and value. To do that, you must listen and understand the needs of your audience first.

A social media monitoring tool can help you see what your audience is looking for. For example, Social Report's Search Agent feature tracks brand mentions and discovers the most talked about trends on YouTube. With this tool, you can easily set up keywords and keep an eye on conversations surrounding a topic without having to do these tasks manually.

However, if you don’t have a follower base yet where you can extract information from, there are a few helpful websites that can help. Take Quora, for example, a question and answer website. Lets say you’re in the business of helping entrepreneurs out - you could scour the “business” topic on Quora to see what’s being asked, or simply type in “entrepreneurs”, where you would find this question, with thousands of “upvotes” and hundreds of comments, which you could then easily turn into a YouTube video!

8. Pay for Views:

If your advertising plan includes paying for views on your youtube videos, then using Alwaysviral is the most highly recommended way to do it. Why do you think that is? Because these mega-companies end up making more money in the end. By using this method, you have a choice of making your video appear in the search results before competing videos. Your video will also show up more often in search results, as well as appear in the sidebar as part of the ‘related videos’ section. All of these impressions force people to see it more frequently and make them more likely to click on it. or, You can Buy Youtube Video Views.