Ultimate Guide to Increase Soundcloud Plays (For 2019)

Ultimate Guide to Increase Soundcloud Plays (For 2019)

As one of the leading monetization networks for SoundCloud, we often get asked what are the best ways to increase exposure around a given release on the platform. So we thought we would take a moment or two to compile some of our thoughts and favorite tools so you can be best armed to get added exposure and revenue for your tracks.

Technique 01: Properly Title & Tag Your Song.

First impressions mean a lot, and a properly tagged song can make the difference in getting played or skipped over.

Track Title: Make sure your track is properly titled. If it’s an original, put (Original Mix) after the name.

If you’re offering a free download, add [Free Download] to the end of your track title. This is the only way for people to know that your song is available for download from the Stream. Many people won’t even listen to a song if they don’t know if it’s available for download, so this is important.

Technique 02: Using a Personal Facebook.

Facebook has 1.71 billion monthly active users which means you have free access to the largest audience in the world. In today’s age, we have no excuse for not having the opportunity to succeed, and Facebook is one of the reasons why.

Market your music on Facebook with ease due to their integration of the SoundCloud player. As soon as you post the link to your SoundCloud page, Facebook will change it into a player for SoundCloud so it is easy to get your fans interested in your music.

Creating a fan page is also very easy so you can build a fan base using Facebook. This fan page can act as the main portal for you to access your fans directly. You can have posts of your music from SoundCloud which is direct access to your music. We do recommend before you post on Facebook, you use step 4 to create authority about your page before people have access to the link.

Technique 03: Find Active Youtube Channels.


What you’re going to do now is a start to gather contact information with a creative trick. Genres are a great area to start this! Say you make Future Bass music. Do the following on Youtube.

  1. Go on Youtube and type in “Future Bass Remix” in the search bar.
  2. After searching, Filter Results by Upload Date.
  3. You Now have a List of Active Promotional Channels on Youtube.

You could obviously repeat this process for any genre such as Trap, Electro House, Hybrid Trap, etc. Search your target genre and if the channel is worth submitting to, you’re most likely going to find their most recent video upload in the search results.

Technique 04: Make A Video.

One of the ways you can increase the plays for your music is by making a music video. Right now, users spend more than 33% of their Internet time watching videos. Furthermore, video content gets more offers and higher engagements when contrasted with different types of media on the web. Exploit this by making recordings and sharing them additionally over video sites like YouTube. This demonstrates the significance of incorporating video in your music. Ensure that you make recordings for your melodies, and at that point share these recordings on numerous web-based social networking pages and websites, with these recordings linking back to your SoundCloud profile.

Technique 05: Create a New Profile Picture for Each Album.

You know, a picture is worth 1000 plays! Your profile picture is a very important part of the information which is presented to everyone who finds you on SoundCloud. An ideally sized profile picture will be 300 x 300 pixels. By the way, SoundCloud will scale it down to 200 x 200. So you need to give the right size to your profile picture so it fits this without being stretched.  For easy recognition, consider emphasizing your profile name in the artwork.

Technique 06: Share Your Music on Social Site. 

Always share your music. This way it will reach a large number of people and they would come to know about it. Use social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and others to share it.

Technique 07: Join a Soundcloud Group.

There are many groups on SoundCloud. So if you find which is of your type, then join it. See that they are reputed one and share your track with them. This will help you build more audiences. You can also Buy SoundCloud Plays.

Technique 08: Always be Active in the Promotion of Your Music.

At long last, be reliable. If you will begin guest posting, so as such all the time. Be active throughout the following couple of weeks and you’ll before long be difficult to disregard. People will find you, hear your music and begin playing your SoundCloud tracks all the more routinely. Dedicate 30 minutes consistently to your social media movement. Commit one more hour or so on your blogging. Peruse a stage talking about here and visit it week after week to pick up a reputation and to develop your fan base. The further you spread yourself over the web, the quicker you’ll build those SoundCloud Plays.