Want to Increase Your Facebook Post Likes? Follow this Tips

Want to Increase Your Facebook Post Likes? Follow this Tips

1. Create Shareable Content.

Content is good but shareable content… Now that’s golden. Shareable content is so important because it is great content. It is so good that people don’t want to just give it a like, they want to share it on their page to their friends whom they trust. The content your fans share becomes a part of their identity. It gives insight into who they are and what they like. And most importantly, it shows their support for you.

Shareable content increases like because it puts your brand and your name in front of more people. Specifically, it puts your brand in front of people that aren’t currently your fan. Hopefully, if the message resonates with these people you are going to gain likes and fans all at once.

2. Create Amazing Content.

What’s the best way to get likes on Facebook? Create insightful, unique and compelling content that people want to like and share. Simple, right? Of course not. It’s not easy to guess what will resonate with the masses. But, a good way to get started is by really defining your brand’s social media strategy. What do you stand for? What’s your brand’s personality? By staying true to those principals, you’ll have a solid starting point for creating compelling and amazing content.

For example, take Nutella. Nutella consistently posts tantalizing, high quality, bright images of their product in action on their Facebook page. These pictures, however, do more than just look good—they feature interesting recipes and uses for their product.

Also, make sure you’re giving your website visitors the ability to Like your content on your site as well by adding the Facebook Like Button. Adding the Facebook Like Button to your website is a great way to encourage your visitors to Like your content, which in turn can help drive more engagement with your brand or product on Facebook.

3. Work on Your Posts.

Make your posts insanely interesting but keep it relevant. Further, analyzing your audience with tools like Facebook insights will help you to get a brief idea about content liked by your audience. Hence, identify those content with maximum reach and repeat such posts more often. Moreover, do not be sporadic in posting contents as it gives a wrong impression of you being too casual with your Facebook business page. Also, ensure that ‘like’ and ‘share’ buttons are included in every post. Offering valuable content to your prospects will trigger discussion and eventually gather more likes and shares.

4. Tag Yourself in Your Photos.

This tip is so easy that you will be hitting yourself for not doing it sooner. Tag yourself in every single photo & photo post in which it makes sense to use your name. It’s not redundant. It’s smart and here’s why:

Assuming your content is good and shareable, it is going to show up on the newsfeed of others. When someone shares it, your fan page will be linked in the “shared” section as well as in the image your fan shared.

Rachel Zoe does this extremely well. I shared a photo of her adorable romper to my page. Because she tagged herself in the description of the photo, there are now two ways for people to like her fan page. My friends can now go directly to Rachel Zoe’s page by hovering over her brand name in my action point (Stephanie Frasco shared Rachel Zoe Collection’s photo) or by hovering over her brand name in the actual description of the photo.

5. Try to Post at the Best time.

When I say that try to publish a post at the best time, I mean to say that utilize the time when people are most likely to click on your post. There are both, best days to post an update as well as best time in a day to post an update, for maximum exposure.

The best time to post an update on Facebook is around noon to 1:00 pm and if you want to get more clicks, then you should post an update at 3:00 pm. Similarly, the best days are Thursdays and Fridays for better engagement and Saturdays for more shares. Combines these timings to create a perfect posting schedule and stick to it.

6. Be Consistent.

One thing you never want to do on social media is getting SMGS, otherwise known as Social Media Ghost Syndrome. This is where one week you are active around a big launch, and then gone until the next launch. (Okay, I made that name up, but you get the point.)

Be consistent in your updates. 2-3 is good for a larger fan page, but at the very least I’d say post one thing per day. If you stick within the range then I wouldn’t worry about people leaving for over posting. If they do leave, they weren’t your target audience anyway. (The same goes for newsletter unsubscribes.)

The more you post engaging and relevant content, the more engaged your fans will become. The more engaged your fans become, the more fans you will attract.

7. Ask Your Friends to Give “Like” to Your Page.

As simple and obvious as this tip looks, it is a key instance to answer the question of how to have more Likes on Facebook. Why? Because when requesting this from your friends you not only get their LIKES but also make them aware of your proposal and consequently many of them will respond favorably.

In effect, after giving You Like, many of the people to whom you have asked for this small contribution, will begin to see in your newsfeed news about your publications and probably interact with them (through Likes, Shares or Comments).

For this reason, asking your friends to give Like to Your Page is a very good way to make it grow. You can do this by email, or by copying and pasting a message written by you in which you request this with a link to your page, via Private Message on Facebook.

8. Turn to Emotional Marketing in Your Content.

Another very effective method to answer the question of how to get more likes on Facebook is to take advantage of Emotional Marketing. Basically, it is about appealing to human emotions, which are the quintessential motor of people’s actions (especially in Social Networks!).

Resorting to Emotional Marketing is extremely effective, as emotional content gets a lot more feedback from the audience and exhibits a significantly higher popularity among the audience

Now, what kind of emotive content can you publish? Try the following:

  • Make sure you’re curious: E.g. through an intriguing title or briefly telling the introduction of a catching story in the text of your post.
  • Be positive: Publications that convey motivational or inspiring messages show high rates of Shares and Likes, compared to other types of content.
  • Transmit enthusiasm: Stimulating your fans with posts full of vitality put people in a mood or mood more impulsive, and that way it is much easier to get a Like.