What is ShareChat and How it is used?

What is ShareChat and How it is used?

Like any other networking platform, ShareChat allows its members to create, discover, and share content with each other. Users may also follow other users on ShareChat for regular updates, whether they are friends, content creators, or any other personality of interest to them. Many people today use the ShareChat app because it provides a lot of entertainment; you can view clips, images, and a lot of jokes, and you can watch this entertainment for free and share it with your friends!

You may also speak with your friends using this app, similar to WhatsApp and Instagram; you will see all the same capabilities as TikTok and similar apps on the ShareChat app, as well as many features from WhatsApp and Instagram while chatting.

It added a number of new features under ShareChat Talkies in 2018, including anonymous chat options and direct messaging, to mention a few. The following are some of the more recent and interesting features:

 - “Shake-N-Chat,” which connects two or more users over a personal chat with content from creatively similar genres at randomly.
 - “Private Messaging” is intended to enable users to communicate one-on-one in a variety of Indian languages.
 - The feature known as "open tagging" allows users to create tags and upload relevant content under these tags.

It's all taking place presently. "It's a full-fledged, organic social network with something for every young Indian, in their own language," says Ankush Sachdeva, chief executive officer.

The company situated in Bangalore and is India's first native social network, developed by three engineering school graduates who met at a hackathon. It is also one of Asia's fastest growing networks, with 30 million users across 14 Indian languages.

So, How to Create an Account in the Sharechat App?

Step 1: To start, log in to your Google Play Store account and download the sharechat app.

Step 2: Once you've downloaded and opened the sharechat application, you'll be able to choose from a variety of languages.

Step 3: After you select the language, you will be prompted to provide your phone number, gender, and name, you must complete all of these fields.

Step 4: To finish filling out all this form and click the submit button.

Step 5: An OTP will be sent to your phone number after you click the submit button, this OTP must be entered, and you must provide it again.

Step 6: After submitting the OTP, your account will become active, and now you will be able to use it.

How You Can Use the ShareChat App?

1) As soon you enter all of your information, your sharechat account will be activated!

2) After your Sharechat account is activated, open the page, and the Sharechat home page will be in front of you!

3) At the top of the screen, you'll see the Home option, where you can see everyone's images and videos, and if you're instructed in plain English, that's the sharechat timeline!

4) Below each photo or video, you'll find five options.

  • Like
  • Share
  • Comments
  • Repost
  • Save

5. Next to the Home button is a button named Treasury. You'll notice a number of categories as soon as you click that button.

Categories in the Sharechat App

There are 13 different categories in the sharechat application. You'll see movies or photographs relating to several categories of various types in each category, and then you'll have to inform us all about them!

1) Following – You will be able to see images and videos that you followed in this area. If you have followed any celebrity or a friend and they publish a new video or photo, you will see that photo or video in this category!

2) Popular – In this area, you'll find videos that are becoming increasingly popular, if you're told in simple English, you'll find viral videos in this category!

3) Video – There are as many users of the Sharechat app as there are people who publish videos on their accounts on a daily basis, you will be able to see all the videos in this category. Everyone, whether a new user or a senior, everyone will be able to see your videos here!

4) Coronavirus - Sharechat shared this category a few days ago in the sharechat app. Any videos made of Corona Virus, as well as all images and videos created about Corona Virus, are visible in this category. 

5) News – In this category, you will find political news, major national and international news, and informational videos about all that is going on in our country!

6) Film – Songs – These days, who doesn't like songs? That is why sharechat has created this category. In these categories, you will find videos of all your favorite classic songs and movies, as well as some wonderful sequences.

7) Sports – If you enjoy sports as well, this is the category for you. In this category, you'll find videos about football, hockey, cricket, and other sports.

8) Love – You'll find Shayari about love, love songs, and love-related pictures in this category, which you may share on any of your social media networks!

9) Wishes – ShareChat has created this fantastic category, if one of your friends has a birthday or a festival, you will see all the videos in this category wishing them luck!

10) Whatsapp - After the video is finished, you will see a lot of WhatsApp status from your friends in which ShareChat is written. They acquire that status from this category. You can get video status or photographs for WhatsApp in this category!

11) Bhakti - Everyone loves God. In this category, you'll find the latest devotional music and pictures of God's inspiring words, which you may share with your friends and family on other social media platforms.

12) Funny – This category is for those who enjoy reading jokes and watching funny clips, since you will find some funny videos and tricks here!

13) Fashion – This area is for those who are more interested in fashion because you will be able to see videos about mehndi, various hairstyles, and other clothing designs. 



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