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How to improve your position in Google?

Search Engine Optimisation, or for short SEO, is a proccess of designing, coding, programming and scripting of Your website so it would have a better rank on web browsers.

Why is SEO so important?

A great percentage of people, are surfing the Internet via web browsers. After putting up the search results, almost 90% of people take a look only to the first or the second page. That is the reason SEO exists. The goal is to reach a high rank on web browsers, by better optimisation, and as a result you'll have much more new visitors.

What are META tags?

META tags are a part of HTML code that can be seen only by a person who specially looks for it. They can't be searched directly over browsers. META tags are used to provide informations to browser programmes such as spiders and crawlers. The informations they provide are key words, page description, page title. Some browsers do not use these informations, but most of them do.

Spiders, crawlers, robots...

"Spiders", "crawlers" and "robots" are computer programmes that are used by browsers to scan websites and get information about the contents of scanned sites. These informations are indexed in great data bases and analyzed later.

Is SEO complicated?

No, but it takes a lot of work and patience. By work we mean making changes on every page that is written in HTML code, which can take a lot of time. And having a patience is crucial, since one needs to follow the results of the page optimisation on browsers.

Why do I need to do a website optimisation?

As a start, you need to have tools. Those tool are used to analyze key words, metatags, spider simulators... You can find them on the Internet and you can start with Search World Engine site.

How much time does it take for a website to get a better rank?

Generally speaking, web browsers are updated monthly. In spite of that, spiders and bots are scanning websites two weeks earlier, so at the end, it can take even 6 to 8 weeks. Some browsers, as Google, are doing it more often, and websites that are updated often (daily, or few times a day) have frequent visits, so changes can be seen even in 24h.

Am I allowed to use hidden text to get beter rank level?

Using hidden text, in order to be seen only by browser, while it would be invisible for visitors, is just another try to trick the browser. A lot of websites are banned by browsers for using the hidden text. It is considered unethical and is easy to uncover, so it is better if you don't use it...